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I had a glitch where my points couldn't go above 10k for some reason in my first playthrough, not sure what could of caused it.
648 days ago
The double tap machine seems to be impossible to reach, unless there is a secret door or something. It's not bad for your first map, I would add a few more rooms and make a area to train in at least, and having more than one window would help to.
773 days ago
If you have a playlist link it :p. I'm just interested to see what other people listen to when they play zombies.
1117 days ago
This is basically a box map with bo2 guns and a roof. I mean it's not terrible, but it's kinda the standard box map I geuss.
1236 days ago
I'm interested in how mapping works and I decided to try to learn how to, but I'm not sure what my first map should be. I was thinking a box map since they seem pretty easy to make but people seem to hate box maps  :-X. Also are there any good resources that I could read/ watch to lea...
1236 days ago
Really hyped to play this map. Looks really good. I really like the lighting in the map too, it goes well with the map.
1236 days ago


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