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Oh yeah, sorry you have to also add this with the others:

#using scripts\zm\_zm_score;
1132 days ago
Anyone seen this before?

Not sure why, tried on multiple maps.
1133 days ago
Just go into root/scripts/zm/_zm_perks.gsc and look through the functions until you find what you need.

If there isn't a way to give all perks just give one at a time.

1133 days ago
You have the sound file in the wrong location. It should be in root/sound_assets/[any folder name you want]/
In your user_aliases.csv file, paste the following on a new line:
1133 days ago
I have a script at home, if you wait till 3 my time. (it's 12:58 right now) I'll PM it to you when I'm home.

Double Post Merge: October 11, 2016, 09:16:52 am
I might as well share it here:

[code]function MaxAmmo()
1134 days ago
Using this script apparently breaks triggers. Me and a friend had to remove it in order for custom triggers to work.
1136 days ago


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