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gotta be some dumb joke - no way would he get it (madgaz or whatever his name is), if it is true then - its not about talents its about views.... very stupid
It's about who knows people at 3ar...
1743 days ago
This topic got depressing real quick, cheer up you bunch of emos
Should rename site to UEX, Ultimate Emo Xperience.

Anyway, I'm sick to death of bruising my dick after jerking off ...
1749 days ago
-- PLEASE make a version with less weapons so that I can play the map without having to enter in the console name 4 times just to get it to run. Speaking of, the solo button doesn't work. Anyway, I'd rather play a map with less content than get repeated startup errors and have to download ...
1791 days ago
I just think it needs more moderation. Posts that are just lists, or are ridiculously long and elaborate, should be deleted by mods. Although, and I've said it before in multiple threads, I think the whole site needs tougher moderation and this would just be part of it. I mean I like the mods w...
1792 days ago
Glad to see this on UGX!
1815 days ago
Looks great. Muzzleflashes are IMO one of the most underused aspects in custom mapping.
1815 days ago


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