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ermm.. can't really remember what i did, you can maybe try adding whatever things you need included in ugx_mod mod.ff (i was using the ugx mod, i am assuming u are too). select the ugx_mod mod from mod builder, add whatever you are missing and need to add for your map to the bottom an...
720 days ago
ahh i see, i think i may have had a similar problem a few years ago. I think you will have to include whatever contents your mapname_patch held into your mod.ff
720 days ago
To remove modderhelp:
open file ugx_easy_fx. set level.fx_debug to undefined. Also make sure _zombiemode_zone_manager is up to date(have the updated file) (i had to download this from sageone i think)
722 days ago
do you have a specific question?
722 days ago
u need to use the ugx project mover after compiling your map. there is a link for it on the ugx homepage
997 days ago
i would just try duplicating one that's already in bo3 and changing the material type to a transparent... just a thought
1051 days ago


Dead Palace


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