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oops sorry bout that i fixed it and i dont know how to delete my post sooooo. Anyways I don't know how to get the script to go with my phd model, I have the script_struct and the model its using with the target name a...
1056 days ago
This is my perk script for phd, it prevents explosive damage since thats all I really cared to do for now. The shader doesnt show but have not focused on fixing that however you can spawn a hud elem for now or try to figure it out. In the gsh file you can change the perk machine model and the cost i...
1072 days ago
just open mapname.gsc if you want it for that map or whatever file but make sure this line is at the top, and if not add it
#using scripts\zm\_zm_spawner;
then if in mapname.gsc add this in the main function otherwise place in any function as long as it gets called
1125 days ago
You cant modify stock scripts, from what ive heard and tested. There are a few, from what I know zm_usermap, and ive heard _load but not sure. callbacks_shared.gsc has a few things that you can do during certain events, and there are notifys you can use as workarounds for now. There is a notify in m...
1136 days ago
Building off of PROxFTW, I found this:

Creates a "Magic" grenade from an actor.

Call this on:
an Actor

self MagicGren...
1392 days ago
There is a command not in the scripting reference that exist in waw. I helped harry with this, it was magicgrenadetype of something along those lines. I'll look it up when I get home. I think it is magicgrenadetype, but I'm not at home so not fully sure.
1393 days ago


WaW Scriptor


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