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oops sorry bout that i fixed it and i dont know how to delete my post sooooo. Anyways I don't know how to get the script to go with my phd model, I have the script_struct and the model its using with the target name as zm_perk_machine and everything else fine. But when I go in game the model resets to speed cola even though i changed the gsh file to match the correct model, and finally when I try to buy the perk it says power must be turned on even when power is on, I can buy other perks but not that. thanks
Meant to get to this earlier but got distracted with other things but if you havent got it working just download this prefab and for changing the model make sure these two get changed
#define DIVETONUKE_MACHINE_DISABLED_MODEL		"p6_zm_al_vending_nuke"
#define DIVETONUKE_MACHINE_ACTIVE_MODEL "p6_zm_al_vending_nuke_on"
If this doesnt work then idk but same prefab I use and works for me but if there is anything else just let me know
1147 days ago
This is my perk script for phd, it prevents explosive damage since thats all I really cared to do for now. The shader doesnt show but have not focused on fixing that however you can spawn a hud elem for now or try to figure it out. In the gsh file you can change the perk machine model and the cost if you want to edit either of those as well. However just download the file and then open it and place the files in the rar file in BO3 Root/usermaps/mapname/scripts/pro_custom you will have to create the pro_custom folder. Then open mapname.gsc and and put this line somewhere at the top
#using scripts\zm\pro_custom\_zm_perk_divetonuke;
then open and add
1162 days ago
just open mapname.gsc if you want it for that map or whatever file but make sure this line is at the top, and if not add it
#using scripts\zm\_zm_spawner;
then if in mapname.gsc add this in the main function otherwise place in any function as long as it gets called
zm_spawner::register_zombie_death_event_callback( &zombie_death_do_function );
then add this to the bottom of the file
function zombie_death_do_function()
//code goes here
1216 days ago
You cant modify stock scripts, from what ive heard and tested. There are a few, from what I know zm_usermap, and ive heard _load but not sure. callbacks_shared.gsc has a few things that you can do during certain events, and there are notifys you can use as workarounds for now. There is a notify in minus_to_player_score that can get you the exact points the player spent, not sure if it works but more than likely it will.
1226 days ago
Building off of PROxFTW, I found this:

Creates a "Magic" grenade from an actor.

Call this on:
an Actor

self MagicGrenade( self.origin, target.origin, 2.0 );

Required Args:
1 : <origin> The starting point of the grenade toss
2 : <target position> The target point of the grenade toss

Optional Args
1 : <time to blow> The grenade fuse time in seconds
No that's something different, there is a function in waw not in any of the scripting reference that does what zombiekilla wants

Try MagicGrenadeType, I believe it is what I used to get it to work, I dont have the original file of which I used it so not sure
Obj MagicGrenadeType( Grenade, OrginToSpawn, Velocity, Time  );
Grenade is the actual weapon file of the grenade you want to spawn
OriginToSpawn is quite obvious
Velocity is a vector as in ( x, y, z )
Time i am not so sure about I believe it is time to explode but not sure

Player MagicGrenadeType( "fraggrenade", Player.origin, ( 0, 0, 100 ), 1 );
This will spawn at player origin, should move 100 units up, and the 1 I dont know as far as what it represents.
1483 days ago
There is a command not in the scripting reference that exist in waw. I helped harry with this, it was magicgrenadetype of something along those lines. I'll look it up when I get home. I think it is magicgrenadetype, but I'm not at home so not fully sure.
1483 days ago
you have fixed also the PPSh bug?
Yah forgot about that one. I accidently removed the ammo name which bugged it out.
1572 days ago
Main post has been updated with version 1.1
Perk Limit removed because of all the issues.
Bugs Fixed
Whos Who removed
PHD Icon
Maybe some more, just dont remember
Bugs not fixed
Jugg: Would have to rescript a few things and would take too long, it does work but it will bug out sometimes
GSpawn: For some reason there are a lot of script entities in the map, I have no clue why so you might get this error especially with more players
Solo Revive: Zombies do ignore you, however they go to the location you died, if you move away from the spot and shot the zombies there they will not follow
1572 days ago
Link has been updated, I did add the death machine into the powerups, and decreased the chance to get powerups. More bugs have been fixed otherwise. There will be another link added later today, just cant upload to another site atm.
1577 days ago

I just tried again, and yes it happened again. On the spiral staircase (the one that resembles what MoTD had), I get about halfway up, near one of the power boxes, and immediately I'm spectating.
Yah sorry about that, there was a non_playable_area trigger going up too high which causes you to die when you touch it.
1578 days ago
Sorry for not updating sooner, we are withdrawing from the contest, we would have loved to do it but edifice took longer than we expected
1581 days ago
I'd thought that I should finally update this. No coop testing was done, since there wasn't anything really coop specific but if I need to I can test it.

Sound - If anyone else notices let me know, I have modified many files which could be the reason for me

Some removed or broken but designed to have similar features
Not all have been fully tested

Slower, unless a major bug is noticed

Not the ones I used but I did modify them via scripting so the parts I modified could be off
If you want to make your own if they dont work let me know but isn't too hard.
1628 days ago
Map will start being made after the completion of edifice
Current Planned Features:
My custom Mod
Based off: Pacific Coliseum
1693 days ago
couple of bugs: (Image removed from quote.) the teddy bear appears on the box after the first move, it hides when you use the box then reappears when lid closes, it happens throughout every move, also the default texture in bottom centre flashes about every .5 seconds i am guessing it an error with the firesale powerup
The teddy bear actually isn't a bug unless you already disabled the setting, but if you look in the settings there is 1 for perma weapon increase or something which was in BO2, and a teddy bear would spawn on the box indicating stronger weapons would be easier to get over weaker weapons. And the firesale seems to be a bug if you use my powerup script which I didn't notice before and I will fix up. If it isn't one of these suggestions, could you specify more?
Added a download for the new _zombiemode_powerup.gsc. This should fix the flickering icon.
Thanks to bhmbob, just a quick little bug fix if you change the price of the box it still gives back 950.
1759 days ago
Thanks to bhmbob for helping me test a few things. Everything should be fixed now. Also added in the ability for randomization of the box, allowing the mapper to modify which zones the box can/cannot start. If any other bugs are found/suggestions of what to add, let me know. Just includes the gsc on this post, the first page will be updated shortly.
Also to prevent any starting issues if you already added this in. In _zombiemode_weapons.gsc find where you added the function call
and replace it with
thread maps\MysteryBox2::MysteryBoxNew();
1760 days ago


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