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Rick was just upset that there's no more bacon :(

Also, here's a little theory for you - that picture which Glen took of Maggie will be all he has left of her, looks like a set up for her to die later in the season.

let's see if we can get at least one more sex scene in there xD
2529 days ago
2532 days ago
Better Twitch for sure  ;D
2532 days ago
welcome :D
2609 days ago

Pure epicness....
2610 days ago
looks smexy
2610 days ago
its looking nice, i hope you keep updating the project :)
good luck with the redesign i know that can be hard.. and any news on the custom weapon would be nice   :nyan:
2615 days ago
Any updates?  :derp:
2615 days ago
They say the UGX Mod can't buy happiness? Look at the *&%#@ smile on my face. Ear to ear, baby.
2768 days ago
Please, Please, Please some one help me...
I have spend a bout 2 years on a map and its done but I keep getting a "1600 sound limit exceeded" error!
What is wrong!!
Someone please help

Post Merge: February 24, 2013, 10:13:52 am
please someone help. im at the point when im really depressed that ive spent years and can't get it to work. :'(

1. save your .map file
2. remove all other files associated with your map name.(make sure to backup any custom scripts that you have.)
3.regenerate files with "UGX Script Placer"
4.repeat Trem's amazing tut on installing the "UGX Standalone Mod"
5.then compile and enjoy....
2768 days ago
I've followed the guide and it all works. However when i lauch the map i get a 1600 sound limit exceded error. I have done everything in the faq solution. What should i do?

must have installed it wrong   :-\
try it again xD
2769 days ago
2769 days ago


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