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3101 days ago
Map Progress:
    Obviously this is based off of  Frank Darabont's series The Walking Dead, I wanted to show my support to the show by scraping enough time to develop a CZM(Custom Zombie Map). I thought to myself there are so many iconic moments that already existed in the infested world of TWD. Why not choose my fav. moment of them all the first episode! Originally i was going to choose the farm from season two but again i thought to myself it might be better if i was going to make one of the first maps based off the show it might as well be the first epic moment(Rick regains consciousness in an abandoned hospital).
         Now the whole environment caught my eye and inspired me to develop this mod, What do you mean by environment you might ask? Well for starters when Rick walks down the hospital corridor to find a badly mangled woman in a pool of blood, and encounters his first undead(a group of zombies barred into a locked).

There is not much i can explain by just text, you'll have to watch it yourself.

  • Features Will Be added once mapping is finished.

  • I'm doing this map solo so it will take awhile for it to be completed.

Note: wall,floor,ceiling,and guns textures are temporary.

3151 days ago

Nothing to be serious, just bored as hell :P
Let me know what you think
3231 days ago
i recently got the death machine in my map, i added the UMP in have had problems running into sounds going over the limit. would it be a problem for someone to maybe post a tut on the UGX wiki for this specific topic, if not that's fine.
thanks for wasting your time and reading this topic from a noob :P
3239 days ago
Any new features for the UGX site,mod, General status of the UGX team?
3246 days ago
Hey guys these are the maps ive been working on seriously.
i will give you guys more insight on to the kind of stuff i do, also there will be more update for future maps!

Follow me on Twitter!
3274 days ago

Hey guys, I?ve started on this map today. I felt like making this map because I've been playing some cod waw mp and i seen a map that has a part where it was just boats lying around. idk hopefully this can be a good one.


did some work on posts and added a new boat today!


Today I've ported a model form Call of Duty 1 (Classic)

3287 days ago


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