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@treminaor you did an amazing job on explaining the installation process for the UGX standalone mod.
I successfully installed it my first try with no errors.

Not much but i scraped up a couple of screenshots(in-game).
Obviously these are not final.
2769 days ago
pretty nice
2770 days ago
i am bored of mapping

go outside and play in the middle of the highway, that's always fun xD
2770 days ago
open up radiant and have fun :D
2770 days ago
looking awesome so far, keep up the good work!
thank you
its slow but its getting there  :o
2770 days ago
just some radiant screenshots, i need to put some work in this weekend.
2770 days ago
when is this gonna be out?

I can't place a specific date on the release...but soon  :alone:
2773 days ago
:)put beta testing
Maybe if i find the time once features are in the final stages, please note im mapping this mod solo.

As for now, i have a lot on my plate since this isn't the only walking dead map im currently working on.  :troll:
2774 days ago
nukem and esso......such children  :poker:
2776 days ago
Update: Sickle will be replacing the Bowie knife  just need to figure out somethings in maya as why it wont bind correctly  >:( and i need to finish UV mapping the handle  :'( other than that expect a preview video when its functioning properly  ;)

(Image removed from quote.)

nice, can't wait
2776 days ago
Uploaded a new teaser, not much is shown since i haven't been working on it for that long(just getting the outside done).

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2779 days ago
psshh im watching it right now ;)
2782 days ago
(Content removed from quote.)
- Phil.

love the bowie combo XD

keep it up
2789 days ago
i absolutely love your mapping.
just the way you combined those rocks and the tree, and that bridge is just amazing.
2791 days ago
2801 days ago


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