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They're just map images, etc. we don't actually have the maps yet. Cool none the less.

Ohh, I see. Thanks for clearing that up actually.
1133 days ago
So, if you guys didn't know, Bahngo made a Verruckt remaster, and it no longer works, because the codename for it was zm_asylum. Apparently, BO3 PC got an update, and now his map gets overwritten by the Zombies Chronicles Verruckt remaster that shares the same in-game codename. So I figured I&#...
1134 days ago
Jason Blundell said that 1) he didn't think it fit the theme... and 2) MOTD has another purpose down the line

Jason's right. MOTD wouldn't really fit in a pack revolving around th...
1150 days ago
UPDATE: 5/8/17
So.. right now, I'm debating whether or not I should finish this map.

This trailer has just been announced:

1154 days ago
I was thinking about making the first 1:1 remake of this map but I wonder how people would respond to another nacht even if its 1:1

I personally don't think another Nacht Remaster is nec...
1185 days ago
I'm back to work on this map. Posted new screens of some more progress in the OG post.

I reckon you should go for more of a Revelations feel, as that nacht had a fresh take to it, with...
1191 days ago


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