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Absolutely! Knowledge is power.  ;)

A few more details I need to find. I've seen these on NGTZombies so they are legit.
Spoiler: click to open...
Symbiote Spiderman - Part of an easter egg?
Red Hulk - Perhaps part of the same or a differen...
8 years ago
So I found a few more details that can hopefully help fill out this guide.
Spoiler: click to open...
The Vision Can wield Thor's Hammer
The hotel room in which the hammer is located is room 403

Jarvis Terminal Locations- Activates Tony's C...
8 years ago
Holy Guacamole! I love you man. +1 rep.
8 years ago
I'm jotting down a list and watching streams to find everything this map has to offer. Something I haven't done since Origins came out.

List of things I don't know:
Spoiler: click to open...
Batrang and Batman Locations - I know the location of a few batrangs
Symbiote Spider...
8 years ago
Thank you for making this map, its a breath of fresh air.  :D

Anybody know how many armors are available? I have found 8 so far.
8 years ago
I have donated to UGX a few times. I do like the all the tech oddities they are working on and hope in the long run it can IMPROVE our gaming experience despite World At War being released almost 7 years ago.

That said, I am thankful the UGX staff caters to a level of transparency when it...
9 years ago
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