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It's posts like this that make me smile. Just the other day, a comment on the UGX steam page emphatically declared that UGX was dead.
Boy, was he wrong. Not only is UGX alive and kicking, but the forums are getting upgraded and quality maps are still being cranked out for WaW. People can s...
1291 days ago
I must say, I'm so glad that we have competitions like this where the people get to separate the wheat from the chaff, especially when the wheat far outweighs the chaff.

This map began with a feeling that we were in for something good. The custom HUD almost only means one of 2 things...
2029 days ago
the guy is a new-zealander  :poker:

Well then.... I guess my comment is true but unrelated to the situation... or is it?
I think we've unearthed an entirely new problem here. ...
2035 days ago
Absolutely false. It ALWAYS spawns. Can't believe people are having so much trouble finding these parts, its not that hard. There's only like 3 possible spots for each part.

The Ameri...
2035 days ago
So, I guess this map is one where saying it "inhales dong" is a complement  :lol:
If that's the case, this map inhales some major dong.

All jokes aside, I would say that this map was incredibly well-detailed. You managed to take something that's now considere...
2054 days ago
Congratulations to the whole UGX team on this crowning achievement in your careers. This is a defining moment in this community's history, and we, the common folk, are honored to see it happen. We appreciate all your hard work and will probably lose a lot of sleep and IRL friends while taking t...
2072 days ago


It's all fun and games until someone insults your waifu...


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