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It's posts like this that make me smile. Just the other day, a comment on the UGX steam page emphatically declared that UGX was dead.
Boy, was he wrong. Not only is UGX alive and kicking, but the forums are getting upgraded and quality maps are still being cranked out for WaW. People can sling lies all day to make them feel better about their own negativity, but it doesn't change the fact that this place is still kicking! :D
1291 days ago
I must say, I'm so glad that we have competitions like this where the people get to separate the wheat from the chaff, especially when the wheat far outweighs the chaff.

This map began with a feeling that we were in for something good. The custom HUD almost only means one of 2 things: this map is going to be spectacular or it's going to be among the worst I've ever played. Fortunately, I found the former to be true. Pretty much everything was custom in some form or another. It's always the little details that make the map, such as the actual chalk drawings of guns rather than a "?" on the wall. And the boss was great, especially since I haven't had a scare like that since the ghosts on Collingwood. All I could think was "Oh no. I've dreaded this day. It's the return... of my ex."
2029 days ago
the guy is a new-zealander  :poker:

Well then.... I guess my comment is true but unrelated to the situation... or is it?
I think we've unearthed an entirely new problem here. A problem involving international espionage.
Yep, the FBI is practically at my door already.
2035 days ago
Absolutely false. It ALWAYS spawns. Can't believe people are having so much trouble finding these parts, its not that hard. There's only like 3 possible spots for each part.

The American education system has failed pretty hard in terms of teaching observation and perseverance, so it seems.
2035 days ago
So, I guess this map is one where saying it "inhales dong" is a complement  :lol:
If that's the case, this map inhales some major dong.

All jokes aside, I would say that this map was incredibly well-detailed. You managed to take something that's now considered cliche' like FNAF and made it feel anything but cliche'. I thoroughly enjoyed this map, particularly how the details were sprinkled in rather than being made the primary focus.
2054 days ago
Congratulations to the whole UGX team on this crowning achievement in your careers. This is a defining moment in this community's history, and we, the common folk, are honored to see it happen. We appreciate all your hard work and will probably lose a lot of sleep and IRL friends while taking the time to appreciate it. But who needs those superficial things when there is the REAL Ultimate Gaming Experience?!
2072 days ago
Furniture That I want you To Climb On

Furniture that I can climb on is one thing, but the fact that you explicitly tell me you want me to climb on it makes me scared of your fetishes.
2080 days ago
I applaud you.

Now that I've played this, I finally understand why my kindergarten teacher liked it so much, always going on about how good it was at solving her problems... wait...

Anyways, I actually found that the increased spawn rates and numbers of zombies benefit solo players. Not sure how it affects groups, though.
2114 days ago
I too could not get the box to work, the box was there before building, and upon building it, I still could not buy it, leaving me with only a Mk14 and Remington.

The "working" box after you've finished building it is the one in the hidden room. It looks like a box site, but it is the actual box location. The pictures I provided just didn't show the hintstring. That's my bad  :alone:
2119 days ago
It's been a long time since I did a legit map review, but here goes nothing.

For a first map release, this is a decent start. Usage of custom scripts such as a fully-working pHd add a charming aspect to this map's gameplay. Custom PaP textures make you want to try them all just to see what you get from each weapon. A hidden room gives those of us who compulsively shoot everything and hold F on everything a reason to search the map like a TSA agent searches an innocent bystander. Finding the secret room wasn't too difficult, but it's best that it isn't since it holds the box and the Wunderfizz. Also, I enjoyed getting blood on my face when knifing. It reminds me of foreplay.

Like any map release, this one has its issues. I'm going to lay out quite a few, not to be cruel, but to help you with your future releases.

The first thing that a player finds is that the guns on the wall (all 2 of them) are mystery weapons until they are bought. No price, no name, nothing. While keeping the name secret is not unheard of, the price is something that players need to know beforehand. This doesn't really affect long-term gameplay, but it is frustrating to not know what I'm getting or how much it's costing me until I've already forked over my points.

Next, the use of a placeholder chair in the start room doesn't look professional, especially when you went out of your way to find custom textures for a lot of other objects. This didn't detract from gameplay, but it just gives a lower-quality appearance to the map, even though a lot of work was done to make it.

There's a fully functional pHd Flopper in the map, but there are only a few spots to use it, and using it on those spots is suicide.

The next thing a player will notice is that none of the perk bottles reach the player's face. When you buy them, they just kinda hover over your mouth like you're scared to drink it.

There were a lot of lighting issues. I mean A LOT of lighting issues. I stopped trying to count them and document them because there were way too many.

The Nuketown population sign was unclipped. Sure, it saved me a few times since I ran my train too far back a few times, but it should have been clipped, especially since the sign right next to it was.

The "box" that was in the Nuketown shed/kitchen/hut is visible before the box is even built, and it doesn't disappear when the box is finished.

When the box is finished, it doesn't appear as a box until it is moved by a teddy bear, and you can't see what weapon you pulled until you take it.

A lot of textures were not merged properly, making a lot of blurred bricks and floating caves. Improperly merged areas also ate grenades, so no wall-fragging around there.

The RNMA ejects cartridges after each shot, which doesn't happen with revolvers, especially a percussion revolver from the 1800s, which doesn't use self-contained cartridges at all.

The SP scoreboard is present but doesn't record any information.

All in all, this was a decent first release. It could use a lot of work, though. It's a good starting point for the aspiring mapper. At least you used a good amount of custom content. A solid 6 out of 10.
2121 days ago
as a solo player i gotta say that this map is dumb af , i hate when people add verrukt runners sice round 1 , its just stupid , 5k for the first door is also dumb ... getting juger is super hard due to the souls chest , some zombies dont follow the monkey bomb , this map is shit , you tried so hard to make it good that you forgot to make it fun ... 5/10 meh

Need I say more, folks?
2141 days ago
how can i find out wich buttons are the right??? is it just luck?
Luck and process of elimination. It's best done if you have a guy on each floor and a guy babysitting a crawler. Otherwise you'll need a pen and paper to help yourself remember.

Anyways, I have to say, this sets the bar pretty high for future "first map" posts, which tend to be pretty lackluster. Of course, when I say you set the bar high, that implies that people will actually look at the bar before posting their map. This implication, of course, is highly unrealistic. So it is safe to say that we will be seeing lots of stock box maps with poorly "Engrished" descriptions for years to come. Even so, I salute you for your effort and thank you for a map that I played until the end for the fun of it instead of as an obligation as a member of this community.
2152 days ago
How does someone go through a keyboard?

Very carefully. I know one guy that refuses to stop having drinks near his keyboard, so he's ruined his at least 3 times that I know of. Now... as for 3 in one week, that takes a special snowflake.
2260 days ago
Impressive as always. "Superb attention to detail" sums it all up pretty well.  :rainbow:
2261 days ago
You had me at 'Energy Sword'.
2295 days ago


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