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He's not updating the map, he's at Uni studying and he hasn't got the time or motivation to do so.
Sorry mate.

Yeah that's fair enough
1395 days ago
i think i found a glitch. i've read previous posts, and i can tell you that you messed up the zombie amounts on round 30 at least. i went through a full scavenger (unupgraded, killing full hordes each time) which seemed a bit strange because i did the round before with the same strat (but with ...
1396 days ago
this map has soooooooooo many bugs. it's a decent map, but the bugs are game-breaking

apart from the ones mentioned, i've noticed two game-breaking ones so far and one minor one.

1. the g3 is free and the name does not show up at all. you could pap it and get free amm...
1449 days ago

this is my first time i've recorded on my pc and i think i found some good software, so this should be the first of many videos!
1459 days ago
note to self: remember to turn the volume down when playing this map. i almost jumped out of my chair when i heard the m1911! anyways, good map though there are a few glitches/errors.

in a small room near spawn (to your left if you face the first box spawn), there is a bunch a crates and...
1499 days ago
Mule kick doesn't work after being revived and buying again (weapon is replaced)
If you buy the (broken) mule kick and buy a weapon and then put that weapon in the pap, you lose it
Pack  A Punch tac 45 adds no damage (still 2 shots on round 2)

overall, decent map but f...
1499 days ago


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