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He's not updating the map, he's at Uni studying and he hasn't got the time or motivation to do so.
Sorry mate.

Yeah that's fair enough
1197 days ago
i think i found a glitch. i've read previous posts, and i can tell you that you messed up the zombie amounts on round 30 at least. i went through a full scavenger (unupgraded, killing full hordes each time) which seemed a bit strange because i did the round before with the same strat (but with ray gun mark 2) and it took me 1/4 of the time. fix plz
1198 days ago
this map has soooooooooo many bugs. it's a decent map, but the bugs are game-breaking

apart from the ones mentioned, i've noticed two game-breaking ones so far and one minor one.

1. the g3 is free and the name does not show up at all. you could pap it and get free ammo if you wanted

2. near electric cherry, the wallbuy there doesn't show up a name and it will take your weapon if activated. you will never be able to get a second weapon back (maybe mule kick might work, but who knows).

3, the napalm will run if it's last zombie, ik many other mods have this, but it's still very annoying and could fuck you over.

finally, while it isn't a bug as such, the map layout is very confusing and you used the same model for some buyable doors as you did with non-buyables ones (took me a few rounds to notice some were buyable). aside from that, the map has potential if you add some colour and iron out the bugs. good luck :)

Edit: also, dead wire instakills the avogadro thingy
1251 days ago

this is my first time i've recorded on my pc and i think i found some good software, so this should be the first of many videos!
1261 days ago
note to self: remember to turn the volume down when playing this map. i almost jumped out of my chair when i heard the m1911! anyways, good map though there are a few glitches/errors.

in a small room near spawn (to your left if you face the first box spawn), there is a bunch a crates and a forklift and nothing else. the first crate on your right can be partially walked into (small texture bug, doesn't affect the map's playability, but might as well mention it.

are zombies meant to walk through the window in the pap room? because they don't. and if they aren't meant to, what is the point of the window?

vulture aid doesn't show icons of perks, pap etc.

the panzers can only be damaged by bullets and explosives (mentioning this because i died after getting clawed by the panzer and my thundergun didn't do anything to him).

other than that, great job man! the weapon ports are perfect. the zombie blood works great and the electric cherry isn't OP like on most maps.

1301 days ago
Mule kick doesn't work after being revived and buying again (weapon is replaced)
If you buy the (broken) mule kick and buy a weapon and then put that weapon in the pap, you lose it
Pack  A Punch tac 45 adds no damage (still 2 shots on round 2)

overall, decent map but frustrating due to no open areas + napalm = annoying

Double Post Merge: July 02, 2016, 02:18:48 pm
my bad, the pap tac 45 adds some damage, but it is still a peashooter
1301 days ago
wasn't expecting this when i logged in. Downloading now  ;)
1301 days ago
great map, found some bugs though (a few of which might've been put in the desc but idk if they're the same ones)

round skipping glitch near stamin up

mustang and sally shoot through the floor at some locations  (happened to me near electric cherry)

in squidward's house, you can get behind the toilet in the bathroom. this is impossible to get out of. However, zombies cant get  you.

otherwise, amazing map man. keep it up  ;)
1316 days ago
decent map, had to get to round 52 to finish, but i just camped in the tombstone room with the upgraded battle rifle because zombies only came up one staircase and for some reason the PAP battle rifle has 900+ ammo
1335 days ago


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