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Not sure if I did something wrong or something is wrong with the fov of the weapon but aiming down sights is not right with the weapons and you can not pap any of the weapons did I do something wrong or are the weapons supposed to be like that. Other than that love the ...
80 days ago
Thank you all for the feed back this map was rushed and I am aware of the bugs sadly this map has been scrapt and I have been working on a new and interesting map that when released I feel will grab your guys attention in many interesting ways I will try to keep you all posted next maps na...
112 days ago
If anybody knows how to properly script quickrevive proprerly plz send me the script!!!

178 days ago
I am glad people are playing my map I did not expect to have so many people playing my map a wekk after I posted it and thx for the feed back I am trying to fix a lot of the issues I am having like fixing quick reviv e but I can asure you the maps in the future are going to be way better and more de...
179 days ago
This map is based on a german base that was attacked and is now habbited by zombies. Your job is to clear out those zombies. This is my first map and there are a few issues that I am still working on fixing but they are nothing to big. Dogs do spw...
188 days ago


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