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there is already a remake of Nacht der untoten that is like 400 times better than this, why waste your time on something that will just be overlooked by the community as a lazy excuse for a map?

1428 days ago
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

looks neat.
1487 days ago
lol drama.

Looks good dude. I'll throw a few pennies your way when my patreon cashes out lol
1532 days ago
I have never seen one, don't really want to because it seems weird. Someone change my mind, anyone but Bwc and Eithan!

1538 days ago
This. I'll try and see if I can find what it's related to it.
The brightnes slider never works for me in w...
1547 days ago
I'm experiencing problems trying to get my in-game view to be brighter. The slider no longer works (*as in, moving the slider around doesn't affect the in-game brightness) and its made one or two maps a bit too dark for my liking.

[spoiler][img width=770 height=433]
1547 days ago


The overwhelming use of rage faces and meme emojis is bloody dreadful. Why is that even a thing it's 2015 lmao.


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