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there is already a remake of Nacht der untoten that is like 400 times better than this, why waste your time on something that will just be overlooked by the community as a lazy excuse for a map?

hate to break it to you, but some people create stuff for fun rather than create stuff for fame. It's a bit disappointing that Coochy could have well not released anything for us to see/look at, but he decided he to for A) criticism or B) to give back to the community, and so far a handful of you have been fairly toxic because you've been saturated with crazy high-detail maps and refuse accept people put stuff out for help/critique, not for your(s) amusement.

Wouldn't be surprised if one or two map reviewers go out of their way to create a thread just to slander what is clearly not something created for reviewing, it just wants critiquing and be given direction. Not hurtful comments because it's the circlejerky thing to do.

It's a great start Coochy. Thanks for showing us it. Kinda appreciate how I can compare it to something I'm already familiar with! Nailed the scale of everything. The way you create maps with rudimentary brushes can be a bit daunting at first but everyone improves, you got zombies spawning and working.

In your next attempt (if you do have one, I'd understand if this community has put you off) I'd recommend planning your map on a piece of paper and then focusing on making one particular room/area as visually appealing as possible before moving on. the engine has a bit of a habit of making everything look brown.. grey... washed out yellow.. Be creative!

Don't be afraid of figuring out how to model/create your own static objects. again, daunting at first, but there's a huge sense of accomplishment to getting your map more and more custom.

Also, I'm pretty sure this is like coochy's 10th map, which is way more than me, or most people, so I don't think this is a valid excuse for being 'unoriginal'...:-\
well, there goes my critisism

[strike]fuk u cooch wtf u playin at go home[/strike]
1499 days ago
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

looks neat.
1558 days ago
lol drama.

Looks good dude. I'll throw a few pennies your way when my patreon cashes out lol
1603 days ago
I have never seen one, don't really want to because it seems weird. Someone change my mind, anyone but Bwc and Eithan!

'Comprehensive anime recommendation flowchart for beginners'

genre based versions:

I believe there aren't any movies in there and they're all ~22 episode long series, which is a shame because if you're trying to get into something going into what looks like the deep end can be a bit daunting.

Here's a good anime movie review what made me watch the movie it's talking about. It's called Redline. I think it'd be good as a introduction.

yes it's dubbed. yes it's fine.
1609 days ago
This. I'll try and see if I can find what it's related to it.
The brightnes slider never works for me in windowed mode, just in full-screen mode.. The fact that this is basicly windowed mode will prob be the issue. Not sure if there's an ( easy ) fix..

ah, considering I'm not really the demographic for the non-fullscreen mode I've gone and reverted back to fullscreen 1. Thanks for getting back to me =^)
1618 days ago
I'm experiencing problems trying to get my in-game view to be brighter. The slider no longer works (*as in, moving the slider around doesn't affect the in-game brightness) and its made one or two maps a bit too dark for my liking.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

I haven't seen anyone else mention this so it might just be on my end.

1618 days ago
Seems like its not working for me. I put the .dll file in root and nothing happened. Restarted WaW, nothing. Restarted laptop, nothing :-\

(Image removed from quote.)

Probably not the issue but it's happened before, gonna assume this isn't the case because you're on a laptop and probably limited to one internal storage space but whatever

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

If you have two different steam library folders set up you might be launching from one you're not aware of and currently modding the one you're not launching from, and because the mods are stored elsewhere you've never noticed? I dunno, just throwing it out there.
1620 days ago
Find it a bit odd that one of your cons is "It didn't release perfectly/it had bugs what were later fixed". That's not really commentating on the gameplay, just the process most custom stuff comes out with.

But otherwise yeah, a score 27~30 seems about fair. Good review.
1648 days ago
*cough* wait for The Giant *cough*

Silly, that's already being remastered B)
1654 days ago
Looks rad man. Always wanted a mod to make a solid attempt at putting new features into it, instead of like, a gun mod or whatever. Looking forward to it~
1696 days ago
How is that proof exactly? You know how easy that would be to make in photoshop or even MS paint for that matter?

Is this proof that BO3 will also be coming out for Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive?

(Image removed from quote.)

If I plug this cart onto my Sonic and Knuckles cart can I play as Knuckles in BO3???
1700 days ago
Hitman now that he's done time on the outside
1700 days ago
Custom anything is better than nothing. Plus, it's your map, do what you want. If the roster of the old UGX mod fits the feel of your level then that's your decision.

Ofcourse if you arrived at the decision you came to yourself, that's fine too. Looks like a solid map so far, what's it's layout like? verrukt/der-reise/nacht size?=-)
1714 days ago
wanted to make it hard my bad :(

I'm not too fussed with them, but you'll get the odd single-digit postcount user demanding you to remove them. Happens every time someone includes them in a map.

That being said, if you wanted it to be hard I wouldn't have give players an automatic colt from the get-go =p
1740 days ago
in before "remove verrukt runners from start pls"
1740 days ago


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