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oh ok thanks,  2more thing i dont have a mapname.gsc and my map wont load it'll say its loaded but it doesnt do anything besides taking me back to the main menu
698 days ago
nope and now that it works. where is my map folder in mods? also can i use cod waw apps like script placer and weapon editor?

Thanks for your help By the Way!.

Edit i got an error while compiling

image 'images/~-gblockout_wood_test_c.iwi' is missing...
698 days ago
Hello so i have radiant working but every time i try to compile it gives me these errors any help?

FAILED TO EXECUTE: launcher_ldr radiant_mod.dll CoDBORadiant C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops\map_source\
FAILED TO EXECUTE: launcher...
698 days ago
so i have maya 2012 with the cod tools installed but when i watch vids of how to port weapons i dont have the model exporter any help
955 days ago
nevermind i got it to work also do you know if i can use lime to export the character models?
959 days ago
when i try to use Toms Lime for Bo1 it says my game is not supported for his tools,, ii have steam version and mod tools installed any help, i messaged him also
959 days ago


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