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June 21, 2024, 03:25:17 am
It is possible to do it both ways. I prefer to have all the weaponcalling by script including the stock ones in one place, and I felt like copying the files given by Treyarch the best way possible for me. If you can do it differently and it works better for you feel free to do it. This is what I fou...
8 years ago
Hello Black Ops 3 mappers and modders,

I recently discoverd a way of adding custom weapons into your custom zombies map, how to have it included into the mystery box and if you have the weaponfile for it also have a pack a punchable version for it. All that you need to have is a weaponfil...
8 years ago
To fix that you need to make sure that you exported the ads animations correctly. To do that make sure that you only export the "tag_view" & "tag_torso" for Treyarch animations and "tag_view" & "tag_ads" for Infinity Ward animations. Also make sure tha...
8 years ago
Did you go into your file and added "weapon,WEAPONNAME"?
If not that should fix it
8 years ago
Guns arent more important than map detail it is important that you find the balance between the two, like you said having an amazing looking map with the boring waw guns isnt fun and will be forgotten real quick, but a small box map with no detail but the best looking and amazing guns wont be rememb...
9 years ago
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