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I showed my best friend this WIP and his exact words was "Why the hell has he uploading origins pics" Lel Dude this is coming along nicely well done :)
2271 days ago
Music Is great motivation and also play some really detailed custom maps and thrive your self to try and do better.

(Assuming you have done projects before) Look at your last projects and think what can i do thats better?

Speak to other modders on the forums

Go in ...
2272 days ago
Your a little late for that... :P

He might release his to the public though.
2281 days ago
This looks epic but why extinction may i ask? why not a dinosaur mode or even a custom mode you have come up with your self? bute looks amazing dude :D
2281 days ago
This images reminds me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl for some reason (which is a good thing). Keep it up bro :D
2281 days ago
^ Yeah do you have a caulk box covering you whole map?
2281 days ago


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