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I showed my best friend this WIP and his exact words was "Why the hell has he uploading origins pics" Lel Dude this is coming along nicely well done :)
2266 days ago
Music Is great motivation and also play some really detailed custom maps and thrive your self to try and do better.

(Assuming you have done projects before) Look at your last projects and think what can i do thats better?

Speak to other modders on the forums

Go in chat and talk about mapping in general thats what gets me motivated :)
2266 days ago
Your a little late for that... :P

He might release his to the public though.
2275 days ago
This looks epic but why extinction may i ask? why not a dinosaur mode or even a custom mode you have come up with your self? bute looks amazing dude :D
2275 days ago
This images reminds me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl for some reason (which is a good thing). Keep it up bro :D
2275 days ago
^ Yeah do you have a caulk box covering you whole map?
2275 days ago
I just got round to playing this map properly and i got to say the features and atmosphere is epic and the engineer from dead ops arcade is really good well done dude :D
2279 days ago
This map is so much fun, i get that classic custom zombie vibe like i would when i played panic center and zm mars, doll house, ottawa etc. Good work man :D
2282 days ago
Cod has fallen to the ground since stopping power was removed, any cod after mw2 (maybe black ops...) was terribly rushed
2290 days ago
This map looks really good, The the features look fantastic.

Ten from len :D
2290 days ago
Welcome back lol :D
2290 days ago
Yeah i do not think this needs to be to implemented permanently as you can add this yourself.
2290 days ago
Advanced warfare = 115 We are all doomed!
2290 days ago
Finally lol Good job chroma i will look forward to playing this when i get back home :D
2290 days ago
I kind of get a killing floor vibe from this :D Good job on the pic and on question, Is this warehouse going to have fork lifts that act as lifts to lift you to leverage that the player cannot normally reach?
2290 days ago


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