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This map is amazing, i will definitely play this again. But in all honesty a good easter egg or something to do once setup wouldnt go a miss. :D But well done freefall
2327 days ago
What are your thoughts on zombiemodding. In all honesty i dont think that its all that good... But tell me your honest opinions.

The community is not that pleasant

its the best place to download maps - My opinion

has a wide variety of prefabs and models to choose from :D
2420 days ago
Do you think it is time ugx had a massive update? Like Ranks, special groups and cool badges that get applied to your profile to represent your rank like for example "Pack a puncher" - *Banner* ~ Pack a puncher (get my drift?)

And the chat i think that would be cool to update like new buttons, picture sharing capability like upload a pic and it shows in chat. Tell me what you think, do you think UGX should take these (or some) ideas in to consideration?
2431 days ago
Breaking bad vs Walking dead.

My humble opinion about walking dead is pretty dim considering at how it is fading away into something more serious like, More deaths from the group, more survival and also how serious the feeling is you get from watching the program.
I do believe they should make the episodes more eventful like where they not only find places to stay (like the prison) but like underground test facility's and clues to how the outbreak started.

Breaking bad is an awesome watch and i strongly recommend you watch (if you haven't watched it) its a very long winded story, but it still makes sense and adds up. Normally when you watch programs with a long story it kind off puts you off because you find your self watching something thats gone completely off topic and the story gets changed. But breaking bad some how maintains the story and makes it better in every episode.

What are your thoughts, Please. Tell me which program do you pick and why?
2436 days ago
So this has kept me busy this year but it is now finally finished :D - Pics with progress

will add more stuff but please tell me what you think :D
2459 days ago
This is my current setup

Any recommendations on what i should implement to make this setup any better or any newer?
2474 days ago

Well is it boring, crap, amazing what...? i want to know lol but yeah my personal opinion i think it looks like mw3 and plays like mw3 :/
2540 days ago
I know its not zombie related but please give me a chance :D check out the trailer

New GTA V Series Trailer

You wont be disappointed i also have some zombie related stuff on my channel as well :D 
2550 days ago
Hello i havnt updated any maps in a while so i thought i would show you guys my latest WIP.


Black ops guns
Black ops perks
Easter egg

The map is a recreation of the fan favorite mw2 map Terminal. The map is going to be as detailed as possible.

I started this map in caulk so i could texture after wards (dont ask why) i just do.


As you can see i need to texture alot of stuff and also add tons of detail so i hope you are looking foward to the map :D

Updated Pics (In Game)

As you can see the plane needs a little work :D

2556 days ago

I have custom zombies on there and also a whole heap of videos to keep you entertained :D

Please feel free to message me if you want to start a series with me (custom zombies)
2562 days ago <--- email they sent me

i got sponsored by gladiator pc which now means i get free pc's (not to keep just to test and advertise) but still this is so cool ill be beside my self :D

check out there site, its quite nice

Oh and i could do give aways becuase i get a discount and free things to keep :D
2589 days ago

Can someone please tell me in detail how to fix this and show me the root to the script i need to define or edit thanks
2594 days ago
Everytime i make a prefab and save it, it saves it with redlines and no textures. This has never happend to me before :/ <--- Problem i have

Can someone tell me how to resolve this?

And also forgot to mention when i enter prefab its fine and textures are all where they should be its just when i leave prefab it goes red with lines and no textures :/
2596 days ago


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