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I can't get my multiple triggers with the same targetname to work! it works fine if it
is a simple GetEnt but as soon as i changed it into a GetEntArray all triggers fail to activate.

I almost got this solved! any help is appreciated thank you.

function soundbox...
137 days ago
I have two triggers both looping while the players stand it. one starts the music while the other trigger stops it

while the player stands in it. The problem is once the player stands in the stop looping sound second trigger the music keeps on playing.
How do i get the music to stop ...
139 days ago
I'm trying to have a room the player steps into have its own ambient sound. not place a script_struct and have it loop. for example the
they have trigger_multiple brush textured with a sound_trigger texture and a targetname   ambient_package and script_ambientroo...
185 days ago
How do i add a winning circle to my map  at the end of each match? I remember there was a video on this
but can't find it.
201 days ago
As of right now you can't, don't know why they didn't put it in this one like cod4 and waw. would of liked to make some
custom sp maps also.
210 days ago
How do I stretch a texture across a single brush face? In old cod4 radiant it was the ctrl+f key combo
but in bo3 radiant this does something else. ???
224 days ago


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