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Messages - Goksa

Relly nice map and idea i liked but its kinda to easy since they spawn just from one side and  not at all at box side of map .Also idk is it just me but alote of zombies just stuck at grass area they just chill there ofc they die after some time and respawn but its annoying later when alote of zombies get stuck.
6 years ago
that port is broken or somthing u cant aim with desert also its to small should be bigger i think
that knife is to op insta kill untill round 7 its to much idk i didnt check in futher rounds but 7 is to much should decrease that
and i didnt see that freez gun in box
7 years ago
Nice i like you decide to expand mod to all maps
Keep up with good work ;)
7 years ago
Is it release near ?
7 years ago
Are you planing to keep bo1 pap camo or there will be some custom pap camo?
7 years ago
Looking good
7 years ago
in coop quick revive machien not work in nacht its say "you must turn on power first"
7 years ago
In nacht der untoten i dont get custom perk and i dont see any of custom perk machine just all original perks   ???
7 years ago
Good job with this mod  8)

Add some sick custom camo  ;)

Double Post Merge: January 11, 2017, 08:14:16 pm
idk do u know this but on moon map u can use hack tool to hack custom perk machine and then u recive points
so if perk cost 3000 and u hack that perk machine u will get 3000 points and u can hack unlimited   :o
7 years ago
I hope this map will be released soon i cant wait to play it  :rainbow:
7 years ago
Oooohh, you say because the mod of bahngo is for bo1 xdddd, it works for waw too!

yea i have just bo1 installed i will try and on WaW when i install again  ;)
7 years ago
Nice job with BO1 Graphics Mod    :D  :D
7 years ago
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