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April 20, 2022, 01:15:32 am
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June 15, 2022, 08:03:41 pm

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August 08, 2022, 09:34:43 pm
This looks wicked! I remember seeing a firesale & death machine mod from years ago, but the dl has been down ever since :(
Cool too see people still upload mods for WAW though! i'll give this a try sometime :)
2 months ago
Thanks for the Tip Smol! but sadly I was using my patch file for something else, So I couldn't just simply compile the patch.. But I haven't recieved this error since weirdly enough! If it happens again i'll most likely try to find a way to remove that model from the script seeing tha...
2 months ago
for some reason i can't seem to get any of the weapons sounds to work in game :/
I added them to my mod.csv, my zone source and i put all of the sounds and soundaliases into my mod folder (Making sure they're checked in mod builder)
But still no sound in game. Any idea why shipp...
3 months ago
Hey shippuden, I got this console error about mid fight with one of the Goliath's
dobj for xmodel 'c_zom_goliath_body_v2' has more than 128 bones (see console for details)
Any idea on how to fix the exceeded bone issue? Thanks in advanced ;)
3 months ago
Awesome man, your bo perks worked perfectly since I already had my patch and localized_"mapname" in use! just manually installed and am now recieving no problems ;)
Thanks again for all your help gympie, expect too see your name all over my release once it's up haha!
3 months ago
Yeah, its just funny how he messed up like twice and still managed to get it too work lol. I also don't quite understand how he got this variable "zombie_vending_black_ops" since he doesn't really show any where that would have been written down as a vari.. But anyways, I tried g...
3 months ago
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