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May 18, 2024, 03:40:43 pm
A literal masterpiece... man is it ever a good time to come back to WaW mod tools :thumbsup-smiley:
5 days ago
Bro included a full-ass tutorial with screenshots :o
i actually can't thank you enough Gympie, you've helped me beyond anything or anyone else related to WaW modding! you'll definitely be the 1st and main priority of my Credits if i ever get to releasing a map lol. Thanks again m8,...
10 months ago
hi hi Gympie, didn't know where else to ask but i had a kinda basic question to ask.
when you replace sounds from a Soundalias, do the sounds need to be in a Custom Folder when you call them from the Soundalias? or will it work if i just place my sounds in the same location as the ones I...
10 months ago
my waw radiant takes like 2 mins to open and it takes like 10 minutes just to compile my map (it used to be 30 secs) help please

Yep. Don't know if it's worth looking into, But i remember ...
10 months ago
Tutorial is great! Only issue is images no longer show, meaning i can't really tell what version of Blender you're using in the tutorial. You also didn't say what version you were using lol. Also i know it's been 8 years, but make a damn video tutorial already! :D
10 months ago
[code]    // Mule Kick
    set_zombie_var( "mulekick_cost",                    4000 );        // Perk cost
    set_zombie_var( "mulekick_min_weapon_slots",        2 );        // The min amount of weapons the player can drag
    set_zombie_var( "mulekick_max_we...
1 year ago
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