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So I had a really weird glitch when playing with friends where one friend after dying ended up being disconnected (that's probably a waw issue tbh), while the other became unable to shoot entirely. As in even after buying new guns he couldn't shoot. Could still throw gren...
27 days ago
So quick question, how can I go about updating this mod without getting my level and progress reset? B/c generally all the files are replaced and in that case all the progress would be gone. Is there a specific file to be careful with or is there no way to update the mod without losing something?
617 days ago
I'll send you the PM since it can be pretty difficult at first, at least if you don't know what you're doing. Once you realize what needs to be done then it's super easy, just a bit long. One thing really nice about this map is that as you get the things, the Maxis voic...
626 days ago
Lol why would anyone want ANOTHER Kino remake lol
Nah, it's been done way too often. I think if something is gonna get remade, you should remake a really old but still great map, like zombie train or yote...
629 days ago
So, i installed the map right now, and i enjoyed it too much, but, i can't buy any wall weapons, when i try, i only lose money, and everytime the zombies hit me, the game stops for a few seconds, you have a solutio...
642 days ago
Do I need to download the maps separtely or just download the fortress becuase it says it does not find stuff for saloon, taco hell, knie tief, but nightclub works

  So all you need to do is do...
667 days ago


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