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So I had a really weird glitch when playing with friends where one friend after dying ended up being disconnected (that's probably a waw issue tbh), while the other became unable to shoot entirely. As in even after buying new guns he couldn't shoot. Could still throw grenades and knife but could not shoot. You have any idea why that is happening?
35 days ago
So quick question, how can I go about updating this mod without getting my level and progress reset? B/c generally all the files are replaced and in that case all the progress would be gone. Is there a specific file to be careful with or is there no way to update the mod without losing something?
625 days ago
I'll send you the PM since it can be pretty difficult at first, at least if you don't know what you're doing. Once you realize what needs to be done then it's super easy, just a bit long. One thing really nice about this map is that as you get the things, the Maxis voice lets you know you have it all. Also the end reward and music are awesome.

Though, I gotta ask, is there any way you guys can make it so that it's possible to play the song again and again. It works so fucking well in this map. Honestly this is an insanely cool map, though I hate the train tracks more than anything else in the known universe.
633 days ago
Lol why would anyone want ANOTHER Kino remake lol
Nah, it's been done way too often. I think if something is gonna get remade, you should remake a really old but still great map, like zombie train or yote's lair. Actually, I have yet to find a five remake for WaW, so that is probably a great idea.

Edit: I just read your quote more carefully and saw that you are asking why anyone would want another one, rather than if anyone would want another one. Oops...
637 days ago
So, i installed the map right now, and i enjoyed it too much, but, i can't buy any wall weapons, when i try, i only lose money, and everytime the zombies hit me, the game stops for a few seconds, you have a solution about this 2 bugs? i know that have 3 months since the last time anybody commented in this topic, but i have hopes. Bom trabalho com o mapa. :D(Translation: Good job with the map.)

What you gotta do man is never restart the map when you get into it. Always just quit out of the game and start from the main menu (of the mod, you don't need to reload the mod itself everytime you restart), yeah dude the same shit happened to me for so long before I painfully went through the comments trying to find the answer.
650 days ago
Do I need to download the maps separtely or just download the fortress becuase it says it does not find stuff for saloon, taco hell, knie tief, but nightclub works

  So all you need to do is download this one file. When you're launching the game, and click the play button, then you end up selecting some rules and then the map. It's nice and easy.
675 days ago
So I haven't really gotten all that far in this map yet, almost everytime I've died, I've died in those damn train tracks. Seriously, pls put invisible walls, it's such an annoying way to get killed. It just gives bullshit difficulty. Other than that I think this is a really cool map, bit too massive, can take forever to run around. But if you simply make stamin up available to purchase immediately after the generator closest to it is powered up, then that wouldn't be such a chore. I'm very thankful that all the original perks are purchasable after the generator is turned on otherwise it would be a lot more infuriating, b/c of how you get trapped. Get hit once, almost guaranteed to get hit again. So far I think it's pretty cool, with a few faults here and there, and one glaring mistake (the fucking train tracks).

Edit: Being able to buy the commando/ACR of the wall is a treat, thnks a bunch. Plus the ammo capacity hasn't been gutted for them which is even better.
681 days ago
This map is really cool, like I truly appreciate all the things that have gone into it. I mean I suck dick, so I haven't gotten all that high into the rounds yet, but I really feel a few more perks would be really handy. Like mule kick or stamin up, they wouldn't make the map gamebreakingly easy, but would make it less of a nightmare to get through sometimes. Not that it isn't fun, just wish it was a bit easier (I probably need to git gud, but still). I look forward to seeing any other maps you'll put out.

Edit: Just found a glitch, when I picked up monkeys and then later got the Hell's Retriever, I had to use up all three monkeys whenever I wanted to use the HR. Also the Symbol of the HR never shows on the hud. I believe that the monkeys should be replaced by the HR when the HR is picked up. Not really a big deal, but somewhat annoying.
685 days ago
Finally found the third teddy bear and then everything fit, fuck though I got so frustrated yesterday though. Like I had been having a terrible day and just wanted a fun little match of zombies and instead all it did was make me feel worse. Though now that I found it I am thrilled. Just make sure to have some text come up letting the player know how many teddy bears left, that would really help lessen frustration. Also please add double tap 2.0, its just so nice, I love it way too much. Plus instead of the c-3000 biatch could you put mustang and sally, or at least keep the original fire rate of the colt. It's a real let down in its current form. I like how the map is compact without feeling very cramped, theirs just enough room to maneuver if one is smart about it. Helps add challenge without feeling like bs.
690 days ago
Pretty cool map for a first release, but I always hate the bullshit find/shoot these objects easter egg type of thing. There's always a few left at the end that for the life of you you can't find. It simply ends up being a frustrating nightmare to deal with. This is what happened here, found the gas tank by the unlit bonfire, found the one above the flipped car, found the one where the roof wasn't covering the house, and found the one in the bathroom, now there's this last one i simply can't find. There's literally no more reason for me to even bother with playing this map anymore, all it currently does is frustrate me. Maybe have this last one also be lit up like the one in the bathroom. I've tried for around 2 hours and can't fucking find it. It just really saps the fun out of a nice map.
691 days ago
Once I was able to get the code I really enjoyed this map, hell I was able to get three of the four digits very quickly, just the second one needed was hard for me to find lol. I like that this map has a 6 perk limit instead of 4, it makes it a lot more replayable, but I think you may as well just get rid off it entirely. I like the fact that the reward for the soul boxes is actually great and the pen drive is a nice touch. Although the placement of the door buying could use some work because I didn't even realize that the bus was buyable until after 5-6 games. At first I thought maybe my version was broken. I'm pretty sure that that's just a typical WaW feature of having iffy prompts, but still if that at all fixable please do so. Also I'd like a bit more ammo for the guns, even 1 or 2 mags of spare would be great.
724 days ago
I just wanted to give my proper review on this map. Overall I absolutely adore it, only a few problems. One is multiplayer is absolutely broken, when trying to play with a friend we would spawn in without any gun or ability to knife and then we would be unable to carry more than one gun if we somehow make it to 500 points and buy the PDW. Another is the ammo capacity is an absolute nightmare, waaay too little, if every gun had even two more mags of spare, it would be perfect. Finally the 10000 point limit is the absolute worst part of this map, there is no way to even try to save more points, you can't even pap three guns in one go, like what the hell were you thinking when you added that. Now as a minor point, there is no way to see what the double pap ability given is until it activates, honestly just a minor annoyance, but you may as well have added that to the hud. Other than these frankly few and small problems (except for the 10000, that is way too fucking annoying) this is a great map. I love just hopping on and having quick fun games with it.
724 days ago
I rather like this map, but I'm wondering what exactly the PaP bonfire does. When I teleport to the PaP it just turns off, but when I stay in the beginning area nothing happens.
743 days ago
I found a bug, when the panzer spawned at round 7 and pulled me in, I ended up getting stuck between walls. It was in the spawn area, close to the desk. I think I'd killed the panzer when it was almost done sucking me in, so my character never stopped moving and just ended up stuck between the walls. I dunno if that's actually the case but I thought you should know. Also awesome map btw.
743 days ago


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