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This is one of the best zombie maps i ever played and thats counting official maps.
But there is one problem. it seems someone put chuck Norris in a panzer suit and gave him a Apache Fluidics M2 M9. cause the panzer flame kills me faster than...
idk imagine i put a clever analogy here. damn thats a good analogy. but in seriousness i love this map more than my family. if my family was on a cliff and this map was on a cliff and i could only save 1. id be playing zombies. I know u want 2 release the least amount of updates 2 make it more compatible 4 online.
but may i suggest the first patch being nerfing the panzer.
other than that. i love the idea of defusing bombs 2 use the bombs 2 make shortcuts. This map is awesome once u learn how 2 play it. The way the toxic pools work is unique from any other zombie map. The detail as expected is sexy af. I wish cod could take notes from u. cause i dont like the direction cod ww2 zombies is going.
one last thing. the drop kick was not in any other realism map. was the dropkick a last minute added thing or does it play a part in this map. like can u upgrade the dropkick by any chance. dont spoil it. but a hint at it would be awesome.   :rainbow:
Thank you guys 4 making this. i know this had 2 of been hard to make. I respect u guys 4 not giving up on it like some other zombie maps that sadly never saw light. Congrats 4 long awaited release.
995 days ago
I may not post much but I do check up on maps about every day to see if any new ones came out. Iv been checking this beautiful bastard in the wip for a really long time now. And to see it finally come out is a dream come true. This map is everything iv ever wanted in a map. Iv played just about all of the best custom waw maps. I know 4 a fact iv played all the custom remakes and this is by far the best remake ever made. The amount of loyalty u had to motd when u made this is so amazing. It really feels like ur going back to motd. That wonderful roof secret made me laugh to death. They should of made it that instead of what they put. Another thing I love about this map is the amazing detail you put into it. It seems like no wall is plain. Nothing was made sloppy. Not even the extra rooms. I now completely understand why this took so long. I spent allot of my time playing this just looking at all the small details you put into it. The best part about this map is the amazing replay value it has. I played motd on BO2 like crazy and
this still feels new to me. Im going to play this 4 a very long time.
                               Congrats on release bro  8)
1155 days ago
This is starting to be a big file.  :poker:
1259 days ago
This map is so polished. literally i jumped in snow for about 10 min just because if the satisfying crunch of snow sound.
This is a true master piece. From the beautiful background detail to the extremely fun map design. This map gives fun but challenging training spots to keep you awake and entertained. It has multiple camping spots that all feel like that fun spot to camp on der reise. The only thing this map is missing is a main ee but who needs 1 when u could go in  a game slay some zombies to your liking without having to find parts or fill up soul boxes even tho it would of been a nice touch this is still really good map. 10/10 i wish u the best of luck bro.
P.S. I noticed all the things you did to spruce up the map detail like the underground place detail is so amazing cause you only go in a certain part of it yet the whole underground place is filled with life.  :D ::) <3
1273 days ago
So i was far af. but sense im playing on a potato i had to disable fx_draw and i was walking and walked right under a zapper that did not show.   :alone: rip me

9/10 if it was not 4 the zappers XD

Still the best map i ever played and i will keep playing in till i beat it.
1281 days ago
I never forgot about this map. I still play it from time to time. I hope U guys add melee weapons as starting weapon again. U got a lot to choose from to.  ;)
1409 days ago
been waiting a while for this the hype is real.  :rainbow:
1409 days ago
Why do people keep asking how to cheat. I didn't make the map and my brain hurts every time someone says something about cheats. Get better or don't play at all. If u could cheat u would be done with a map that they worked years on in like 5 min.  :( course someone out there still gonna ask how u cheat but at least i tried to make my point.  ;) Play the map right people.
1423 days ago
4 a map that came out in the wip in 2014 this sure is taking long.  :troll:

guess it was immature to post that. sorry been waiting a while 4 it tho.  ;)
1430 days ago
4 a map that came out in the wip in 2014 this sure is taking long.  :troll:
1431 days ago


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