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This is one of the best zombie maps i ever played and thats counting official maps.
But there is one problem. it seems someone put chuck Norris in a panzer suit and gave him a Apache Fluidics M2 M9. cause the panzer flame kills me faster than...
idk imagine i put a clever analogy here. dam...
1159 days ago
I may not post much but I do check up on maps about every day to see if any new ones came out. Iv been checking this beautiful bastard in the wip for a really long time now. And to see it finally come out is a dream come true. This map is everything iv ever wanted in a map. Iv played just about all ...
1319 days ago
This is starting to be a big file.  :poker:
1423 days ago
This map is so polished. literally i jumped in snow for about 10 min just because if the satisfying crunch of snow sound.
This is a true master piece. From the beautiful background detail to the extremely fun map design. This map gives fun but challenging training spots to keep you awake and en...
1437 days ago
So i was far af. but sense im playing on a potato i had to disable fx_draw and i was walking and walked right under a zapper that did not show.   :alone: rip me

9/10 if it was not 4 the zappers XD

Still the best map i ever played and i will keep playing in till i beat it.
1445 days ago
I never forgot about this map. I still play it from time to time. I hope U guys add melee weapons as starting weapon again. U got a lot to choose from to.  ;)
1573 days ago


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