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Jugg isnt fixed i guess, i had all Double perks and i got downed with 2 hits that has realy tilty lol, also the respawn is bugged , when u open the 2nd door always there is a zombies that spwan on the 3rd door, after all its a good map with too much buggs- I love ur work pashan pls keep on :D
1787 days ago
I just want more of this lol really had fun playing every gun was outstanding. But was way to short maybe, also PHD didnt work atleast for me :S I love sunny maps xD
1788 days ago
I have a HUGE texture bug just on this map, anyone with the some issue? or somebody u can help me out?
1791 days ago
Hey nice map. but then will the buggs be fixed ? Am i the only one that cant shot with the custom ppsh i mean i got the gun on different games and  i wasnt able to shot. IM waiting for the final version :D
1794 days ago
what is the easter egg about? about the criticism u dont need to be that rude... just saying i enjoyed the map good job
1855 days ago
So i would say that it was needlessly giant size map... with a lot of buggs it was really really good to be first map but this map neds a lot of works to fix all these buggs, also the box light doesnt work so i had to search it every time for all the map, that was a bit annoying.
1870 days ago


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