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Jugg isnt fixed i guess, i had all Double perks and i got downed with 2 hits that has realy tilty lol, also the respawn is bugged , when u open the 2nd door always there is a zombies that spwan on the 3rd door, after all its a good map with too much buggs- I love ur work pashan pls keep on :D
1790 days ago
I just want more of this lol really had fun playing every gun was outstanding. But was way to short maybe, also PHD didnt work atleast for me :S I love sunny maps xD
1791 days ago
I have a HUGE texture bug just on this map, anyone with the some issue? or somebody u can help me out?
1794 days ago
Hey nice map. but then will the buggs be fixed ? Am i the only one that cant shot with the custom ppsh i mean i got the gun on different games and  i wasnt able to shot. IM waiting for the final version :D
1797 days ago
what is the easter egg about? about the criticism u dont need to be that rude... just saying i enjoyed the map good job
1858 days ago
So i would say that it was needlessly giant size map... with a lot of buggs it was really really good to be first map but this map neds a lot of works to fix all these buggs, also the box light doesnt work so i had to search it every time for all the map, that was a bit annoying.
1873 days ago
So... how do u get jugg and PaP also more perk slots? I dont really like dark maps but still good job :P
1877 days ago
what is worng with u alex lol stop complaining i dont have the need to lie i got 4 perks and then i was able to buy quick revive check out for urslef instead of trash talking
1879 days ago
ye maybe it should be fixed xD but i dont know if it was a bugg on my game or in the map. Do you know when Oil Rig will be on air? :D
1879 days ago
Hey i didnt cheat anything lol i got PHD jugger cherry and cola speed, then u can buy quick revive, so i had 5 perks, shooting the bottles i go mule kick,  and then i got on the box that special grenade (dont know the name) that if u throw it against a perk machine u have a percent of probability to get the perk so i did that until i got all perks, no cheats dude...
1880 days ago
Well first of all great map i really enjoyed playing this one. About the difficult i think it wasnt extremely too hard (but i cant say that it was easy). First try i got round 11 and finally i got round 31 with all perks and all buyables staff but i must go out so i suicided :P really good map 8.5/10.
I got some buggs with the zombie shield, but nothing important to be mention. Also sry about my english grammar im trying my best without google translate xD I dont know how to post images so i will copy a gyazo sry about that. 

 Thanks for making this cool maps, so pls KEEP GOING xD ^^
1880 days ago
Well first of all good job, i have something to say :)
 - only 4 perks slots? that was sad... (If there is any way to get all perks pls tell me)
 - Some hits didnt work i got down early on before of that xD
 - I just realized that there was a easter egg lol
 - It´d be awesome to get a map or something like that after doing the eater egg i got frustted a lot of times, but that was the point of the map i guess ;P

I had fun playing it good job :)
1886 days ago
So i got the 10 Bottles to access Pack a Punch, 10 Bottles for the Buyable Ending. Bur where im suppose to pay for the ending and how much? xD
1903 days ago
i think that im not downloading this custom mapp LOL the reviews....
1907 days ago
How are people allowed to post maps with tons of buggs broken links... etc someone should close this post... just fail map, i feel like u didnt even tried to fix any of the problems before posting this... Just disgusting
1926 days ago


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