could some one help me with my map, I couldn't load the map

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Created 1707 days ago
by jm-390
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Hello everyone,

I got a big problem I'm working on my map.

the map will be really awesome but sometimes I get strange errors ?

now at the moment when I'm done with compiling my map.  I launch codwaw then I load my map then the next one I start the map and I get the loading screen and you can see then that the loading bar is going to the 100%

and I think around the 99% then it does nothing anymore.   and the codwaw.exe  is crashed and I need to kill the program otherwise I can't do anything on the computer.

now I have it tried more times to play my map but does not working.

I have activated "developer 1"  in console and the "devmap nazi_zombie_my_mapname"

to load my map (starting)  but then sometimes I get the same effect as the previous time or I get an unkown error,  when I'm opening my console then it is on a unkown location ?

And sometimes it gives other error

So this is the error when I activated " developer 1 "

And this is the console

Then I tried to activated "developer 2 "  "developer_script 1"  " logfile 1 " and I go this error

Sorry for my bad english

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If you want scripts / features made for you, then contact me by PM or email / skype etc
it will cost you tho so if you have no intention of reciprocating don't even waste my time ;)
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none of your pictures are valid, all return 404 file not found

If you run the map without devmode and there is a error, it never tells you what it is or where it is. Using devmode tells you what line, and what script the error was generated from

developer 1
/devmap nazi_zombie_yourmapname

itll crash

hold shift and press the console key, itll point out the error for you



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