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by Cold
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[UGX] Mapper, Musician and Pessimist.
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I'm not a noob - Waaaaa
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Hello, I am Cold_Assasin. Thats right, spelt incorrectly (you didn't notice) to give it my own flair (now your checking) and to ensure that no one else copies my name... or maybe I just failed when typing when i made the name and did not wont to change it. Abit like when Henry VIII pronounced Ann of Cleves, Cleves as opposed to Ann of Cleaver (as it should be pronounced) and we have said it wrong ever since.

So abit about me. I have a sinicle, dim and pessimistic view on modern life. I live in the Regensis (south west) part of England. I study various pointless subjects at the expense of the tax payer but do actually get something out of music which i enjoy greatly. Yes i am a musician and have made the music for [UGX] Cabin and other things as well, i might make a YouTube channel when i can get off my cart and get my life to gether, which for anyone wondering won't be anytime soon.

What am I doing. Well, when looking for a passtime i thought about mapping. So I did some googeling and found [You are not allowed to view external links. Register or Login to see them] where I spent a year being abit of an asshole. Then I registered with [You are not allowed to view external links. Register or Login to see them] the day it came online, last week I was banned from the site. Not alot happened inbetween. However perhaps one of my greatest discoveries on that site was Treminaor. He took me in like a stray dog. However i wandered off. I only remembered i was in UGX about 2 months ago hence, i haven't done much save from the music. I recently registed with [You are not allowed to view external links. Register or Login to see them] they seem friendly and helpful and above the age of 12 so hopefully that will yield more than CCOD or ZM ever did.
Now? Well now i am making an MP map pack, I hope.

I fail at scripting, even though i want to go on to study computing and possibly Computer sciences because being able to look like a computer geek seems to appeal, probably, because my family is a family of farmers and accountants and thus hard work and desk work seems less appealing.

I am friendly and can be found on xfire : coldassasin if you need help with anything. Recently i helped a friend set up and get his MP map working. If you need to talk i can talk on teamspeak... just xfire me first.

I play CoD WaW, MW2, BO and BF2 (+mods) mainly but also play Team Fortress 2, Killing Floor and other FPS and RTS games.

I play sport: Hockey, rugby and cricket as well as being in the British junior shooting team (its not the kind of sport you think it is).

What do I like?
Cold weather,
The outdoors.

What don't I like?
High pitched voices
Scotish people
Anything i have to get up for
Very hot weather
Young people
The school nurse
My maths teacher
The Governmental people
coach journeys
French people
!Bad Punctuation!
.... the list goes on....

Fondest Memories?
Holland (both times i've been there)
Going to Cuba
Primary School
Clocking in at the Peny Ghent Caf? 11 hrs 55 minutes after setting off on the 3 peaks.

What do I look forward to?
Dancing on Margret Thatcher's grave.

I hope this gives you an insight into myself. God Bless.

This is me in 10 years, Carol Beer sums up me.
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If Java had true garbage collection, most programs would delete themselves upon execution.
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Thanks for the shoutout! We have a lot of things in common in your likes/dislikes ;)



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