ugxm v1.1 menu music keeps playing in game

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Created 60 days ago
by ryet115
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Hey guys, I just installed UGXM V1.1, And I'm not sure why but when I run the map the main menu music still plays when im in game.

I checked the console and noticed this error:

ERROR: alias 'music_mainmenu' already added - ignoring

If anyone understands what the error means and can help that'd be sweet.

P.S.  I also noticed in the console it said this

WARNING: bad type 'ugx_scriptplacer_weather_efx'.
deleted 95 duplicate polys from 190 poly mesh (null)
deleted 82 duplicate polys from 164 poly mesh (null)
deleted 64 duplicate polys from 128 poly mesh (null)
deleted 64 duplicate polys from 128 poly mesh (null)
ERROR: Could not open 'vision/'
    failed loading 'vision/' of type 'rawfile' found in source file '../zone_source/ugxm_testing.csv'

Just thought i'd put that there too just in case it may be related.

Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated<3   



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