How to become a Custom Map Reviewer

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by treminaor
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I have added a new section of the forum for users to post reviews of custom zombie maps created by the community. Topic privileges must be granted by an admin (see below), but anyone is allowed to view or reply to the reviews. Reviews can either be written or hosted on YouTube, whatever the reviewer prefers.

Exemplary map reviews will be featured as news articles on the home page of the forum. To submit a review for front-paging, use the report button and specify such in the reason.

Requirements to be a Custom Map Reviewer:
- Must provide example review of an existing zombie map (either written or video), which will be evaluated by an admin. PM examples to treminaor entitled "Custom Map Reviewer Application".

Rules for Custom Map Reviewers:
 - Reviews can be serious or funny - it's up to you.
- You can review terrible maps or good maps, doesn't matter.
- Reviews should follow the existing format of the currently-posted map reviews.
-- Written reviews should ideally contain at least one screenshot of the map for reference.
- All review topic titles must be in this format: [x/40] Mapname - Tagline
- - x/40 being the total score of the map (see below), Tagline being a one sentence tagline to sum up an aspect of the map.
Example: [35/40] Panic Center v1.1 - The last shopping mall you'll ever enter!
- All reviews must have a written rating at the bottom of the topic in this format:

Level of Detail: w/10
Custom Content: x/10
Fun Scale: y/10
Replayability: z/10

Overall Score: w+x+y+z/40

Download link: <link to ugx release topic>

The download link must be a direct link to the release topic on UGX. Do not link to another page which then contains a link to the download page.

Here is an explanation of each category:
Level of Detail (10): Given the appearance of the map, how detailed is it and how appealing does it look?
Custom Content (10): Did the mapper use custom features like ported or customized weapons. (whatever else you think might fit here.) Are there any features beyond what was provided in Treyarch DLC maps?
Fun Factor (10): Just because a map looks nice doesn't mean it's fun to play, rate your experience.
Replayability (10): Does the map make you want to come back and play it again, or is it a once and done map?

If the map is available in the UGX Map Manager, simply state such instead of adding a release topic. link.

If you believe the map you reviewed should be added to the UGX Map Manager, please report your post to an admin using the Report button in the lower right corner of the post.

Custom Map Reviewer status can be removed at any time for any reason.



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