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by treminaor
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Notice anything different? We've decided to expand our site! Here you will find all of the old features of the UGX-Mods site, as well as the new addition of a forum. You will find our current projects in the Projects section of the forum, and our released maps/downloads in the Releases section (or by clicking 'Downloads' from the Main Menu above). You will find the Videos/Tutorials have been moved to the Wiki, and any prefabs/scripts will also be released to the Wiki. Recent map releases will also be put into the column to the left.

As a Guest of the forum, you are able to browse all sections but you cannot post. As a newly registered member, you can reply to any topic on the forum, and may create topics once a moderator approves it from our topic approval list, which is checked regularly.

Once active on the forum for a short time, and showing that you are capable of being a valuable member who obeys the forum rules, you will be automatically promoted to Regular Member by an admin.

When promoted to Regular Member, you are able to post topics freely in the Help & Support section and any general conversation sections that may exist in the future.
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