UGX-Mods has moved to a different file-hosting service

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by treminaor
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Final Update (1:10PM PST) - Update 1.2.2 of the UGX Map Manager is now live. You can find the update here, or just open your current .exe on your computer and it will update itself.

Update (1:00AM PST) - We've discovered that there's a small issue in the way that we host the data (on our new server) that's read by the UGX Map Updater (contains the info for each map), so as soon as we work that out we will release the new update publicly. In the mean time, the current version of the app (1.2.1) is now downloading files from our new host, so you can enjoy the faster speeds right now without updating the program. We will release the update later today hopefully (June 15th).

If you appreciate the new download speeds and the effort that UGX makes to ensure a happy player, please consider donating. This new download service is being paid for out of pocket, just like the server the website is hosted on and the domain we use. <3

Update (11:27PM PST) - We have completed the file transfer to the new storage service. With my USA internet connection (32mb downspeed), I get an average of 4.0mb/s or higher download speed from these new servers. I hope that everyone will experience this amazing speed increase :) (Our old server was lucky to serve 1.0mb/s under light/no load). We will release an update to the UGX Map Manager that will update the app to use this new server, as well as address some other minor issues that have been fixed in the app :)

UGX-Mods has changed to a cloud storage service for hosting the maps that you download using our Map Manager program. This will ensure that not only is our bandwidth and download speed greatly increased for large amounts of simultaneous downloads, but it also means that our downloads will be accessible even when the site is down.

And for the curious minds out there, we did this to prepare for what we foresee as a very popular mod/map release ;)

We are currently working on uploading all of our downloads to the new service, so don't expect any speed changes yet. We will notify everyone when the transition is complete.



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