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 :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: This looks Sexy
1620 days ago
Press Windows Button + R, in the run box enter this:


Then press enter and go to your player name folder, back up and delete the config.cfg fil...
1726 days ago
k, Thanks 4 the help and time, appreciate it bro ;).
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1726 days ago
Also same thing with yours

Double Post Merge: December 31, 2015, 08:18:50 am
It sucks but i think i prob f'd it up with the mod somewhere in the root even though i have uninstalled, So i might do a fresh cod and fresh mod tools.
1726 days ago
Reinstalled it but same thing. trying yours.
And i was trying to make a 1.1 map(EDIT: I HAVE DELETED THE MODDED FILES AND REPLACED THEM WITH THE COPYS BUT ITS STILL THE SAME) and im getting the same thing with it no start button so i am really doubting this but maby, never know.

1726 days ago
yea, and i am a mapper but a crappy one. i have a basic understanding of mod tools and i am deleting my requiem from that folder not the root directory one. i am reinstalling it again(the map).
I know how to port guns and make a basic map but dont know why the damn start button isnt there
1726 days ago




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