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Beta is coming :D
1582 days ago
New Teaser for my Map KillerLake ;)
1599 days ago
Hey I reworked your Lab :D You will see this on the map KillerLake ;) (WIP)
1610 days ago
Update 23/02/17

Beta Version: March
Video coming Soon
1620 days ago
Thanks mate ;)
1631 days ago
Welcome to KillerLake

This is my 2nd map and is based on my lovely Killer stuff and soooo.... Yeah so I am working on this map since end of December. The style of light is now what I want to use in my maps. This map will have a lot of features:

- 5+ Custom PaP Camos
- New Weapons from old COD's
- Buy able Elevator
- New Perk Order
- New Perk's: PHD, Vulture Aid, Tombstone, Whos Who, Wunder Fizz, +New Custom Perk ;)
- Easter Egg's [Easy to Hard]
- Shield
- New Mystery Box Sound
- Buy able Ending
- Key Doors
- Oxygen Area
- Bo2 Hud
- New Zombies + Turned Eyes
- Boss Zombie: Brutus
- New Power Ups
- Black White if Power is off

More will come later

Some pics:

1639 days ago
I want to release now my new 2 Camos for you guys. Hopefully you enjoy it. And if you want your own custom camo pls let me know ;)

If u are using my camos pls credit me!!!

1688 days ago
We can change all textures ingame. You only need this method and the image names ;)
1689 days ago
Yeah it was my map "Legacy City" :)
I am using this code to display the shader and disable the shader:
 function give_phd_perk()
    if(!self HasPerk(PERK_PHDFLOPPER))
            return undefined;
    num = self GetEntityNumber();

    self.hud_phd = NewHudElem();
    self.hud_phd.alignX = "left";
    self.hud_phd.alignY = "bottom";
    self.hud_phd.horzAlign = "left";
    self.hud_phd.vertAlign = "bottom";
    self.hud_phd.foreground = true;
    self.hud_phd.sort = 1;
    self.hud_phd.hidewheninmenu = true;

    x = 86; //how far from the left of the game it should be
    y = -44;//the y value - is up + is down

    y += (-30 * num); //you probably won't need this

    self.hud_phd.x = x; // 2
    self.hud_phd.y = y; // -90

    self.hud_phd.alpha = 1;
    //iprintln ("Hud Enabled");

function take_phd_perk( b_pause, str_perk, str_result )
self clientfield::set_to_player( "phd_perk", 0);
self.hud_phd Destroy();
//iprintln ("Hud Destroyed");
self.hud_phd = undefined;
self waittill("death");


Credit me if your using this :3
1694 days ago
Soo much stuff hahah :) Will look for one of them
1704 days ago
I think there is a tranzit remake on the forum ^^ But its on the list :D
1714 days ago
Okay Buried, Call of the Dead  and Shangri-La. I think that I want to create firstly Call of the Dead
1714 days ago
Say me your maps you want a remake in black ops 3 :) Like Buried or something :D
1715 days ago


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