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Really excited to play this! Looks amazing!
1879 days ago
This looks...really weird actually. I like it!
1879 days ago
Looks great! Looking foward to playing it!
1879 days ago
Loving the grungy look!
1901 days ago
Reminds me of that one multiplayer map from Black Ops. Can't seem to remember the name...
Looks fun!
1901 days ago
Interesting. Weird concept, but looks great none the less!
1901 days ago
Looks really nice so far! Love the layout!
1901 days ago
you have run map after compile on? you also need to build mod before you can test properly

I only ask coz that feature doesnt even work for me, boots cod then fails and crashes lol

hmm... not sure then, check what DD said, make sure BSP is called in



I already built the mod. I'm not very experienced at coding, so, how would I know if the BSP is called in?
1923 days ago
What script placer did you use to make your map?

Has it "ever" compiled?

What do you have ticked in launcher "when" you compile?

I used UGX Script Placer 2.0.1.

Yes, I have compiled the map several times. Like I said, it used to work.

I have Compile BSP, Compile Lights, Connect Paths, Compile Reflections, Build Fastfiles, and Run Map After Compile ticked.
1926 days ago
My map worked fine, but then I tried installing Harry Bo21's Perk Machines, and then this error started to come up.

Couldn't find the bsp for this map. Please build the fast file associated with maps/train_master_central.d3dbsp and try again.

I've tried compiling it every why I know how, but nothing works.

It is also worth noting that I am very new to the mapping scene, and I could have overlooked something.

Help?  :-\
1926 days ago
This looks amazing! Looking foward to playing it!
1931 days ago
I'm actually really excited for this! Looks great!
1965 days ago
Fantastic map. The attention to detail is astounding! Feels just like Black Ops Zombies!
1972 days ago
Hey everyone! My name is MrMcKonz, and I hope to become a great asset to this community!
1972 days ago
Definitely gunna give this a try!
1972 days ago


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