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Messages - FlaxBusy

Sweet!! might use that :D
3 weeks ago
fire map :D
1 month ago
Nice map bro! It's short but is great looking and fun! Good Work!
thanks :)

Double Post Merge: May 01, 2024, 09:29:35 am
Congratulations with the release of your map! :+1:
Thanks :)
2 months ago
Congrats on making a good looking first map dude!
Thank you :)
3 months ago
Today is the best day because i spent 1 year to make a better map (Not a Box map)
this map requires t4m!! just search t4m and download it from google
Download link:
4 Original perks
custom camo
buyable ending
Buried zombies
4 Bo1 Perks (Mule kick stamina up phd flopper and deadshot)
Zombie blood, random weapon, random perk, zombie cash
death machine, fire sale, revive players
and upgrade weapon powerups
Bo1 Weapons
custom Song (Blah Blah Blah by kesha)
HUGE HUGE HUGE Thanks to -Phil81334 and :
Numan for Power ups
NGCaudle for Buried zms
Shippuden for weapons
Gympie For Perks and solo revive
Also 1.0v version had an issue and fixed and added the other  4 perks to the game ( 1.5v )
If you installed 1.5v and still showing "Desert 1.0v" on the main menu? just ignore it its not a big deal
Picture of the Map

3 months ago
you can put your perks to script placer. it would be cool
6 months ago
Hello yall :)
this .rar file contains prefabs like zombies, players start etc.
the files :
Door (you can change the door cost by stamping the selected door and change doors trigger kvp (zombie_cost)  )
Power switch
Power ups Trigger ( must be stamped to make your trigger bigger )
start_zone volume
Players start(
Dog Spawner
Sniperbolts Mystery box
the file is an attachment so no need for mega :))
Have fun Modding :D
6 months ago
Hi, a few weeks ago I was speaking with a few friends & dudes about the current script placer and we agree that the script placer is getting old.
It works well enough to get things done but maybe it's time to create a new scripter with new features.

(Image removed from quote.)

The current plan is to implement this:

Some other plans I have in mind:

If you know any features you would like to see in this script placer, be my guest to leave a comment. :)
(Keep in mind that bosses,  weapons or other packs can be huge and the application will increase in size)
Good Job :)  
6 months ago
Nah my guy flax became zesty w dat pfp, also nice tut
XD Thanks :)
6 months ago
Hello. Today i will show yall how to get rid of blue pap camo in coop
you know like, when your friend paps a gun that has custom camo, it wont show to you ingame only he can see it, and were gonna fix dat :)
Its so easy it only take 10 steps
first you need these
UGX Weapon Editor ++
Note Pad ++
1. Open Weapon Editor and then file > open
2. then go to models/anims then select worldModel and copy it
For example my weapon is PPSH and my worldModel is weapon_zombie_ppsh_smg_up
3. go to raw/xmodel(s) and then search the worldModel
4. copy it and rename it to something else
Make sure the copy once is in raw/xmodel or else it wont work
5. Open the worldModel that you copied with Note Pad ++ and rename every material that starts with mtl_ with your custom pap camo name
6. Save it and go back to Weapon editor and change worldModel name to what you named your copy version of worldModel.
7. Save it. Now go to root/mods/yourmap and then open mod.csv
8. add xmodel,copy version of your worldModel
9. Build + Compile ya mod
10. Done
see i told you its gonna be easy
to test if its working, go get ya friend and tell him to pap the gun.
if you dont have friends ( like me ) just use cg_thirdperson 1 in console
Also dont forget to credit me ;)
Have fun Modding.
7 months ago
when i build mod + compile it will open linker~1.exe(aka a cmd that builds ffs)
the issue is it wont let me build or compile my mod
10 months ago
i recently added shippuden1592's BO1 Guns to my map
but the gun wont show up in mystery box even after i edited dlc3_code
can anyone help me with this ?
11 months ago
im FlaxBusy ( or you can just call me zack )
id like to share my map with you guys and have fun :D
11 months ago
I think you didn't follow all the steps?:
1. Drag the weapon files into: 'MODNAME/weapons/sp'
2. Add the lines from the mod.csv to your modbuilder.
3. Add your weapon file name to '_zombiemode_weapons'
4. Add your weapon file name to '_dlc3'
Ingame you can use this command: `give WEAPONFILENAME`
can i have your discord name so we can talk there  
11 months ago
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