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Messages - frogkm

This script + prefab allows for as many elevators as you want in a map, each with as many floors as you'd like.
The elevators have doors to prevent players from entering or exiting while the elevator is in motion.

Download link:

Move elevator.gsc into yourmapname/maps folder
Then in your yourmapname.gsc file, insert the line:
thread maps\elevator::main();
right below where you see the line that contains maps\_zombiemode::main();
Even without any elevators in your map, this script should not break anything.

To add an elevator to your map, choose a prefab from the elevator_prefabs folder and place it in your map.
There's 4 different prefabs: - A barebones 2 floor elevator - A barebones 5 floor elevator - A 2 floor elevator in a shaft - A 5 floor elevator in a shaft
That's it! The elevator should work out of the box.  

To add more floors:
To add a floor, all you need to do is copy one of the elevator caller triggers, and place it where you want it.  
Make sure to change the target value of the trigger to the same target as the other caller triggers of your floors.
Its target value may automatically change when copied, so this is important.
Elevators will automatically go to the location of their associated callers, no other changes required.

Other notes:
You can add as many elevators as you want to your map, and they will work independently of one another.
To avoid getting stuck in the floor while moving, the elevator overshoots its destination slightly then readjusts quickly, to unstuck any players.
It's possible to get stuck in the elevator door! You can make your own fix for this by adding some form of clipping as soon as the door begins moving, but I haven't gotten around to it.
Add your own custom sounds to the elevator!

Feel free to edit the script as you like, and message me with any questions!
That's it! Enjoy your elevators and make some cool maps!

3 years ago
Hey Frog,

This map....I don't know WHAT to THINK! XD. Literal rats getting it on in the toilets n shii...and that damn rat pack in the main room is cursed..However the Nazi Rat overlord outside was a pretty cool idea. With this talent you could make some pretty good maps, keep going at it bro :) I did do a playthrogh and gave credit to you.

Full Playthrough :

Appreciate the work KM!

- Ave Satanna
Thanks so much!  Saw your vid and u totally got bs'd getting stuck the first time and going down in two hits.  I promise for my next map there will be many many more rats doing questionable things.
3 years ago
Rat Hole is full of rats.  If you like rats then you will like this map.

Download Link:

The map contains:

    The four original perk machines
    An unlockable Pack-a-punch
    Buyable door(s)
    Original WaW box weapons

Hope you enjoy! :)

Some screenshots:

3 years ago
This tut worked for knifing, but now for some reason the game freezes when I aim down sights and shoot a zombie during instakill.  After the long freeze of about 5 seconds, the shot disappears and doesn't kill the zombie.  This issue is only when I have instakill and when I aim down the sights and shoot at a zombie.  I've reversed the steps in this tut and my issue is fixed, but I'm wondering if you noticed the same issue?
3 years ago
Yeah it's a tough one, my best is round 10.  I would love to get quick working on solo as well, and I will do that soon.  No jug or doubletap cause I like torture!
3 years ago
The Kar Challenge is a small, basic map, with only the kar98k! (And varients)
How long can you survive with one of the greatest weapons in zombie history?

Download Link:

The map contains:
  • Perks such as quick-revive and speed-cola
  • Pack-a-punch
  • Buyable door(s)
Also, this is my first map!  Very exciting.  Comments and critiques on anything and everything are appreciated! :)

Some screenshots:

3 years ago
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