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Sweet. I look forward to trying 2.0.  I've found a brick on the roof, which I assume is where the weapon is. I tried shooting it, and nothing happened. Am I still shooting things for the easter egg? 

Great map btw. 
5 days ago
So I've been hunting for the easter egg weapons and found two, the ms & the df. I'm looking for a third but can't find anything. I've tried shooting everything with the ms and am not sure if I need to shoot stuff with the df. Is the mortar strike used? Please drop me a hint if you're willing.
5 days ago
I found a nasty glitch. If you jump on the railing by the sofa in the start room then you get stuck and are forced to restart. Once you've restarted you will no longer be able to pick up weapons from the box. 
7 days ago


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