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i was stuck on the same thing for weeks but i got it to work, so you have 2 options. (also make sure to keep backups of your scripts incase this doesn't work)
option 1 is
go into root/mods/YOURMAPNAME/maps and go into YOURMAPNAME.gsc and locate

Code: cpp
    // Magic Boxes -- The Script_Noteworthy Value Names On Purchase Trigger In Radiant
    boxArray = ;
    boxArray = "start_chest";
    boxArray = "chest1";
    boxArray = "chest2";
    boxArray = "chest3";
    boxArray = "chest4";
    boxArray = "chest5";
    level.DLC3.PandoraBoxes = boxArray;
now put // infront of the boxes you arent using for example if i only had the start_chest and chest1 you would put // infront of the rest just dont put // infront of boxArray = ; and level.DLC3.PandoraBoxes = boxArray;
so after your done doing that go into root/mods/YOURMAPNAME/maps _zombiemode_weapons.gsc if you dont have _zombiemode_weapons.gsc go to root/raw/maps and find _zombiemode_weapons and copy and paste it to root/mods/YOURMAPNAME/maps now enter the code with notepad or preferably notepad++ now find all places that say nazi_zombie_factory and add YOURMAPNAME to it so for example do this
if(level.script == "nazi_zombie_sumpf" || level.script == "nazi_zombie_factory" || level.script == "nazi_zombie_coast" || level.script == "YOURMAPNAME")if(isDefined(level.script) && (level.script != "nazi_zombie_sumpf") && (level.script != "nazi_zombie_factory") && (level.script != "nazi_zombie_coast") && (level.script != "YOURMAPNAME") )if( isDefined(level.script) && (level.script == "nazi_zombie_sumpf" || level.script == "nazi_zombie_factory" || level.script == "YOURMAPNAME") && level.box_moved == true && isDefined(level.pulls_since_last_ray_gun) )if( isDefined(level.script) && (level.script == "nazi_zombie_sumpf" || level.script == "nazi_zombie_factory" || level.script == "YOURMAPNAME") && isDefined(level.pulls_since_last_tesla_gun) )if( level.script == "nazi_zombie_asylum" || level.script == "nazi_zombie_factory" || level.script == "nazi_zombie_sumpf" || level.script == "nazi_zombie_paris" || level.script == "nazi_zombie_coast" || level.script == "nazi_zombie_theater" || level.script == "YOURMAPNAME")if( isDefined( level.script ) && (level.script == "nazi_zombie_sumpf" || level.script == "nazi_zombie_factory" || level.script == "YOURMAPNAME") )if( isDefined(level.script) && (level.script == "nazi_zombie_sumpf" || level.script == "nazi_zombie_factory" || level.script == "YOURMAPNAME") )if( isDefined(level.script) && (level.script == "nazi_zombie_sumpf" || level.script == "nazi_zombie_factory" || level.script == "YOURMAPNAME") )
[/pre] so after your done doing that go into your launcher and tick the _zombiemode_weapons if it isnt ticked and build ff Fastfile and Build IWD File and test it, if it didnt work try this option
option 2
make a backup of your _zombiemode_weapons.gsc just incase if this doesnt work, now open _zombiemode_weapons and remove everything and paste this into it
this editor wont let me paste in the code so go to this site paste the _zombiemode_weapons code and see if it works.
 tysm, its the first time someone do an answer to one of my posts, anyways. i tried the option 2 since it looked more easy, and it worked..
EDIT: this also fixed that i never saw the ray gun on the box and i was not able to get it even after hour of hitting the box
211 days ago
i added pandora box to my map, thing that i usually never add. but the box keep spawning on the same site always.
i used sniperbolt prefab boxes, i hope someone here helps me out

212 days ago
im making a map and then i noticed that co-op wont work. after searching a lot i still have not found any fix,
can someone help me?, i want to play my map with my brother but that problem wont let me
263 days ago
Is there anyway to fix the coop button for offline Lan players?
i made my map to play with my brother plz help me :(
305 days ago
everytime i open a 1.1 map its keep getting crashed and get the error of it.
can someone help

 What error do you get?
306 days ago
i dropped the iwd file to my mod folder, then added the 
maps\_zombiemode_perks_black_ops::init(); on the ugxmod iwd zombiemode.gsc
and placed the models on my map.

but the models dont changed to the black ops ones and when i tried to purchase them it had a hand icon

can someone help me? 

307 days ago
i want to change a UGX mod gun price but idk how :( 

Can you guys help me?
311 days ago


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