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Amazing update, might I say. However, I just played with a friend, and we got kicked out of the game due to the error: Stance change(crouch, prone) has been disallowed for linked player. Any fix?
1295 days ago
Apologies if this is commonly known, but is it possible I can take a custom xmodel_export from Blender, and convert all necessary files through AssMan, then edit a standing weapon file(say, for instance, Bazooka), and call those converted tables to use as the custom weapon?
If so, I've been unsuccessful; once I convert the xmodel, xanim, and material in AssMan, nothing happens. I cannot find my xmodel, etc. in the raw\ folders, so therefore I cannot add them to the standing weapon file.
Again apologies if this is simple enough for advanced users, but I have little experience for custom weapons. I have done only ports in my other private maps.
1309 days ago
please upload the ugx installer download i really want to play this map it looks really good, also im a soon-to-be youtuber so it'd be great to add my first video for this map.  also i LOVE the AUG.  one of the best guns in BO.
1810 days ago
I'm up for mostly Requiem but i will play other maps such as Project Viking v1.0.3.  add me on steam: NuclearWarfare17 WaW: NukeWarfare1 Skype:nuclearwarfare17
1843 days ago
yo ill play some requiem anytime, add me on steam: NuclearWarfare17 WaW: NukeWarfare1 anybody can really i need players
1843 days ago


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