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do you have good sources ?? xD
yes I am serious and also disappointed I was asked him on discord
148 days ago
Warning:This is going to replace the original perk machines so make a back up if you are going to use them later.

Machines From BO3:
1-Quick Revive
3-Speed Cola 
4-Double Tap
5-Dead Shot

Machines From BO2:
6-PHD Flopper
8-Mule Kick

If you used this in you map make sure to credit:
DTZxPorter-->Wraith Archon
Cortland-->BO2 assets
Treyarch & Activision-->Original Assets
Salamanca21(me)-->Converting the assets into BO1

download link:'s_BO3and2_perk_machines.rar/file
 thanks man you are the best
148 days ago
the ee of this map is just great just the fact of controlling a panzer I like too much on the other hand the mine stage seems impossible to me solo.
once again congratulations to the mapper.
149 days ago
Just be patient , we waited 2 years i think for Perish since it was teased so don't need to be sad ; just trust the mapper ;) ;)
 the mapper loose his file :'(
158 days ago
sadly this will never be release :'(
168 days ago
copy the weapons folder and the images folder and place them in you mod by going to mods\YOURMAPNAME\
just paste them there the open the mod.csv in you map folder and copy the 2 lines in the mod csv in the winrar and paste them in ur mod.csv
thats it
188 days ago
make sure to credit :
DTZxPorter-->WraithArchon & BassDrop
xSanchez78-->t7-5 conversion rig
Khel Mho-->AO and ENV textures tutorial
Salamanca21-->porting the gun:)


if you use this weapon in your map, please credit me.
i will but after drop the files how i do for put this weapon in my custom map?
190 days ago
one more custom map on bo 1 thanks man

236 days ago
does this map will be realese or the project has been abandoned ?
308 days ago
First off, Thank you to everyone who played the mod and still continues to this day!, this update was not actually meant to be released before but seeing as some cleaning up was needed I present to you with Patch 1.5 (sadly difficulty launching is still a thing). Anyways have fun!
 thanks you man i love your work .

will it be possible to add a shield like in origins?:)       
433 days ago


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