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I have a model of a gas mask which has targetname item_pickup1 and then I've got a trigger over the top which is targetname item_pickup_trig1...
So I go in game and the script run's fine and comes up with my hintstring, I interact and I get my line prints in top left as it should, and the trigger deletes fine. But I can't delete the model at all??! Help!

Code: cpp
item_model = GetEnt("item_pickup1", "targetname");
item_pickup_trig = GetEnt("item_pickup_trig1", "targetname");

item_pickup_trig sethintstring("Press and hold &&1 to pick up mask");

item_pickup_trig waittill("trigger", player);

item_model delete();
item_pickup_trig delete();

iPrintLn("Picked up Gas Mask");
Test height=100
Test2 height=100
276 days ago


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