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Tried it just as you suggested and still am having the issue. :/
296 days ago
Like I mentioned, opening either the fourth or third zone would activate spawners in the fifth. I've checked the keys and values and there is no link to the fifth zone in either of the two triggers used to enter the fourth and third.
297 days ago
I apologize I did mean to add a picture of the layout I must've forgot.
297 days ago
I added a fifth zone to my map; this fifth has two adjacent zones along with two doors to enter the zone from either of these adjacent zones. Upon testing the map to see if the doors and spawners were functioning correctly, a strange bug occured in which opening a door to enter either of these adjacent zones would activate the spawners in this fifth zone, and buying the fifth zone doors would activate spawners in the two adjacent zones to the fifth dependent on which one you buy and whether or not the zone was already actived or not. I've checked the triggers to make sure I had the keys and values entered correctly and have found nothing that could have caused this issue. I've also checked the mapname.gsc file to make sure that the scripting was done correctly and I can't seem to find any issue there either. All the doors and triggers were working properly until the fifth zone was added.

#include common_scripts\utility; 
#include maps\_utility;
#include maps\_zombiemode_utility;
#include maps\_zombiemode_zone_manager;
#include maps\_music;
#include maps\dlc3_code;
#include maps\dlc3_teleporter;


level.DLC3 = spawnStruct(); // Leave This Line Or Else It Breaks Everything

// Must Change These To Your Maps
level.DLC3.createArt = maps\createart\MapTest_art::main;
level.DLC3.createFX = maps\createfx\MapTest_fx::main;
level.DLC3.myFX = ::preCacheMyFX;



// Variable Containing Helpful Text For Modders -- Don't Remove
level.modderHelpText = [];

// Change Or Tweak All Of These LEVEL.DLC3 Variables Below For Your Level If You Wish

// Edit The Value In Mod.STR For Your Level Introscreen Place
level.DLC3.introString = "MapTest";

// Weapons. Pointer function automatically loads weapons used in Der Riese.
level.DLC3.weapons = maps\dlc3_code::include_weapons;

// Power Ups. Pointer function automatically loads power ups used in Der Riese.
level.DLC3.powerUps =  maps\dlc3_code::include_powerups;

// Adjusts how much melee damage a player with the perk will do, needs only be set once. Stock is 1000.
level.DLC3.perk_altMeleeDamage = 1000;

// Adjusts barrier search override. Stock is 400.
level.DLC3.barrierSearchOverride = 400;

// Adjusts power up drop max per round. Stock is 3.
level.DLC3.powerUpDropMax = 3;

// _loadout Variables
level.DLC3.useCoopHeroes = true;

// Bridge Feature
level.DLC3.useBridge = false;

// Hell Hounds
level.DLC3.useHellHounds = true;

// Mixed Rounds
level.DLC3.useMixedRounds = true;

// Magic Boxes -- The Script_Noteworthy Value Names On Purchase Trigger In Radiant
boxArray = [];
boxArray[ boxArray.size ] = "start_chest";
boxArray[ boxArray.size ] = "chest1";
boxArray[ boxArray.size ] = "chest2";
boxArray[ boxArray.size ] = "chest3";
boxArray[ boxArray.size ] = "chest4";
boxArray[ boxArray.size ] = "chest5";
level.DLC3.PandoraBoxes = boxArray;

// Initial Zone(s) -- Zone(s) You Want Activated At Map Start
zones = [];
zones[ zones.size ] = "start_zone";
level.DLC3.initialZones = zones;

// Electricity Switch -- If False Map Will Start With Power On
level.DLC3.useElectricSwitch = true;

// Electric Traps
level.DLC3.useElectricTraps = false;

// _zombiemode_weapons Variables
level.DLC3.usePandoraBoxLight = true;
level.DLC3.useChestPulls = true;
level.DLC3.useChestMoves = true;
level.DLC3.useWeaponSpawn = true;
level.DLC3.useGiveWeapon = true;

// _zombiemode_spawner Varibles
level.DLC3.riserZombiesGoToDoorsFirst = true;
level.DLC3.riserZombiesInActiveZonesOnly = true;
level.DLC3.assureNodes = true;

// _zombiemode_perks Variables
level.DLC3.perksNeedPowerOn = true;

// _zombiemode_devgui Variables
level.DLC3.powerSwitch = true;

// Snow Feature
level.DLC3.useSnow = false;

level thread DLC3_threadCalls();



level.zone_manager_init_func = ::dlc3_zone_init;
level thread DLC3_threadCalls2();

"Name: add_adjacent_zone( <zone_1>, <zone_2>, <flag>, <one_way> )"
"Summary: Sets up adjacent zones."
"MandatoryArg: <zone_1>: Name of first Info_Volume"
"MandatoryArg: <zone_2>: Name of second Info_Volume"
"MandatoryArg: <flag>: Flag to be set to initiate zones"
"OptionalArg: <one_way>: Make <zone_1> adjacent to <zone_2>. Defaults to false."
"Example: add_adjacent_zone( "receiver_zone", "outside_east_zone", "enter_outside_east" );"

// Outside East Door
//add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone", "second_zone", "enter_second_zone" );

add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone", "second_zone", "enter_second_zone" );
add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone", "third_zone", "enter_third_zone" );
add_adjacent_zone( "second_zone", "start_zone", "enter_start_zone" );
add_adjacent_zone( "third_zone", "start_zone", "enter_start_zone" );
add_adjacent_zone( "second_zone", "fourth_zone", "enter_fourth_zone" );
add_adjacent_zone( "fifth_zone", "third_zone", "enter_third_zone" );
add_adjacent_zone( "fifth_zone", "fourth_zone", "enter_fourth_zone" );
add_adjacent_zone( "third_zone", "fifth_zone", "enter_fifth_zone" );
add_adjacent_zone( "fourth_zone", "fifth_zone", "enter_fifth_zone" );



// level._effect["snow_thick"] = LoadFx ( "env/weather/fx_snow_blizzard_intense" );
Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!
298 days ago
Fixed the error, all good now.
299 days ago
Upon compiling a map I had started making, I get the message " script runtime error " " unknown item 'fraggrenade' " followed by a black screen with a cursor stuck in the middle. I've looked at some of the other posts on this error and had a hard time understanding how to solve the issue. I just started making maps today; I have very limited knowledge when it comes to the scripts and programs related. Any help would be appreciated.
303 days ago


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