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hm. link broke. funky.  the most recent version of Persona will be perpetually available at here's a mirror
158 days ago
So, I don't really make maps, but I've loved WaW since release.
Felt obligated to do something for my album Persona [05/18/19], but didn't wanna make music videos.
Here's teh result.
dev record for ending is 17.
Persona: The ZomMapaganza installer
Map Footage
Album YouTube Link

Some features:

100k buyable ending

(Running) Call of the Dead Zombies

Nuketown house

BO Perks

PPSH Pump Shotty

god tier Kar98

PC Masterrace PTRS

Generally Absurd/Quirky Weapons

UGX Jukebox

{no credit left unattributed intentionally, edits to be made}
162 days ago


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